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X-Men director Bryan Singer accused of horrifying sex abuse

X-Men director Bryan Singer has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenager as part of a sordid underground Hollywood sex ring.

Bryan Singer

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Director Bryan Singer has been named in a federal lawsuit that details the graphic and horrifying sexual abuse of a teenage boy.

The X-Men director was identified by accuser Michael Egan III, now in his 30s, as the person who forcibly sodomized him and forced him to perform other sexual acts when Egan was between the ages of 15-17.

Egan detailed the alleged abuse in the lawsuit, explaining that aspiring teen actors were lured into a sex ring by Hollywood player Marc Collins-Rector, who later pleaded guilty on eight charges of child enticement and luring five children across state lines for sexual purposes.

According to the lawsuit, Egan was put on payroll and made to attend parties where he was expected to perform sex acts on adult attendees who resorted to drugging teens when they did not comply. The alleged victim claims Singer took a special interest in him, promising the then-teen multiple movie roles that never materialized before raping him multiple times.

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“The stories that I’ve heard of what went on at the estate are truly despicable,” the accuser’s lawyer, Miami attorney Jeff Herman, told the Daily News.

“Hollywood has a problem with the sexual exploitation of children. This is the first of many cases I will be filing to give these victims a voice and to expose the issue,” Herman added in a press release.

The lawsuit echoes accusations made by Corey Feldman, who has repeatedly talked about the abuse he and Corey Haim experienced as part of a Hollywood sex conspiracy — claims that other former child stars say are frighteningly accurate.

A lawyer for the director said in a statement that the suit is nothing more than a grab for publicity, coming just a month before the release of Singer’s latest flick X-Men: Days of Future Past.

“The claims made against Bryan Singer are completely without merit. We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated in this absurd and defamatory lawsuit,” Singer’s attorney said.

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