Tori Spelling on cheating husband: He broke my heart

Apr 16, 2014 at 1:45 p.m. ET

Tori Spelling opened up about her troubled marriage and how husband Dean McDermott's cheating broke her heart.

Tori Spelling
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Finally speaking out on the infamous cheating ordeal, Tori Spelling opened up about her feelings and revealed that husband Dean McDermott broke her heart.

The troubled couple will actually document McDermott's cheating ordeal and sex rehab in a docu-series on Lifetime television, where Spelling opens up about her husband's betrayal. The mother of four also detailed her feelings to Us Weekly, finally revealing how the cheating has affected her.

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"He was my soul mate, but he completely broke my heart," Spelling said. "It makes you not trust anything that's happened in your relationship."

The famous reality TV pair has been trying to make the marriage work, and has gone to couples counseling to save their longtime relationship. In the midst of the scandal aftermath, Spelling decided she wanted to film their tribulations for her fans as they go through therapy to mend their damaged situation.

In the new documentary, which began filming just after McDermott left rehab for his sex addiction problem, the pair will be shown as they talk to counselors and try to live their lives with their kids as best they can.

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Spelling told a friend that if she can see that McDermott's sex problem is not about her, she may be able to move past it, People magazine claimed. But she was so devastated about the cheating that she needed her husband to feel her pain, and doing the docu-series was a way to accomplish that.

"I could never give him enough sex," Spelling said in a preview of the new show. "He's never going to be happy with just me."

Meanwhile, McDermott revealed why he cheated and how his sex addiction was out of control. "Sex was an escape, just like drugs and alcohol," he said, in what appeared to be one of the several counseling sessions he sat through.

The documentary, titled True Tori, will premiere April 22 on Lifetime.