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INTERVIEW: Alicia Silverstone’s secret to a “sensual and yummy” pregnancy

As passionate as she is talented, Alicia Silverstone likes to “give 100 percent” at everything she does. The actress filled us in on her latest labor of love: The Kind Mama, a how-to for helping women find joy in pregnancy.

Alicia Silverstone and family

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We may all adore Alicia Silverstone for her role as teenager Cher Horowitz in the 1995 cult classic, Clueless, but the smart, sophisticated star is a far cry from the slightly vapid (albeit well-intentioned) fashionista she played nearly 20 years ago.

Today, in addition to being an actress, Silverstone is an activist, producer, wife, mother and author — her second book, The Kind Mama, hits shelves this week, and the seemingly-ageless entertainer sat down to give us the inside scoop on the advice she dispels in the new tome… and why she felt compelled to give it.

“I wanted to give women all this really important information that would help them to make the choices that were right for them and empower them so that they could have the healthiest, happiest pregnancy,” Silverstone explained.

Sharing the information was a no-brainer for the actress, who wants fellow mothers to enjoy the same kind of pregnancy she did — one which is “free of all the icky stuff we’ve come to accept as normal, such as swollen ankles, diabetes, hemorrhoids, being a hormonal raging b****… that kind of stuff,” she laughed.

Such was her main inspiration for writing The Kind Mama. “I wanted women to know what is available to them so that they can have a sweet, sweet birth and then have the healthiest little love nuggets on the planet and savor that time with them,” Silverstone elaborated. “And I wanted all of that information in one place so it was really easy and accessible to them.”

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At the core of The Kind Mama is the central thesis that you must be kind to yourself first and foremost. “We really are not able to be kind in any way, shape or form to anything unless we’re taking care of ourselves, so I’m giving you the tools to be the healthiest, most vibrant, most powerful woman that you can be so you are available to your little munchkins,” Silverstone explained.

Because, as we (especially mamas!) all know, motherhood is the hardest job out there.

“Being a mom takes every morsel of your being. I mean, you will never sleep again,” the actress joked. “There are many things in being a parent that are extraordinary in terms of what it takes from you when you want to be an in-tune, attentive parent and be available.”

In order to do that, she says, you “need everything you can get, especially sleep, so that the entire process is so smooth and delicious” and by the time you have your child, “your recovery time is very quick, but also you relish and enjoy that time with your child and savor that baby.”

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Alicia Silverstone

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Diet is a key component of that, as well as making sure you get some shut-eye. “Being rested — getting every morsel of sleep — and feeling amazing is so crucial, so that is why you want to be eating the right foods, feeling amazing, so that you can be right there and not miss a moment of the joy that’s available to you.”

Naturally, we were curious as to what foods constitute “the right foods,” and Silverstone was more than happy to share a few tasty examples.

“You want foods that are going to really, really nourish and heal you,” she said, citing things such as whole grains, seaweeds and fermented foods. But, Silverstone clarified, there’s plenty of room for indulging cravings, too.

“Some of the recipes that we have to delight your cravings are fat fried noodles — so delicious! — and this crazy sausage hash stir-fry-type thing and, you know, coconut delights dipped in chocolate,” she asserted. “So I don’t think there will be missing of anything delicious and decadent and yummy.”

And, speaking of yummy, that’s exactly how Silverstone describes pregnancy and how she hopes, through The Kind Mama, to help other women to think of it as well.

“I loved being pregnant so much… it was just blissful. I felt so sensual and in my body in a way that I had never felt — so grounded and so beautiful and could really love my body in a way that I don’t think I knew how to before,” she mused.

“When you’re pregnant, there’s just this beauty in the softening and expanding and opening, and I just found it so yummy and delicious,” she said. “And I felt so special. I know all women get to do it, but it’s a very, very special thing that we get to do.”

As for getting in shape after baby, Silverstone recommends lots of walking with your new “munchkin.” But most importantly, she says you should “embrace your new body — your big boobies, your nice hips and just your shape” and “enjoy how sensual you feel and how absolutely perfect and right you are.”

According to Silverstone, enjoying your pregnancy and post-baby self is simple if your adhere to the principles outlined in the book. “When I’m feeling well and I’m eating properly and following The Kind Mama, then really, truly everything is possible.”

Bonus question

SheKnows: What are some must-haves for new moms?

Alicia Silverstone: 1. Earth Mama Angel Baby balms. 2. Ergobaby Organic Carrier. 3. Really good glass or stainless steel bottles for when you need to pump.

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