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VIDEO: Yup, Mimi Faust & Nikko Smith have a sex tape

In an effort to boost ratings for their VH1 reality show, Mimi Faust and her partner, Nikko Smith, OK the release of a steamy sex tape.

Mimi Faust of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fame and her boyfriend and co-star, Nikko Smith, are the latest to bring forth to the world a sizzling sex tape. They join a long lineage of celebrity brethren, ranging from Tori Spelling to Kim Kardashian, who have footage of themselves doing the nasty, but this time, there is one thing that is not super common in the sex-tape-scandal world: Faust and Smith actually condone the release of their pornographic material.

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The man behind this little gem of a video knows a thing or two about garnering attention by showing a little skin. Vivid Entertainment big cheese, Steve Hirsch, confirmed with TMZ that he stumbled upon the tape starring Faust and Smith and then contacted them for their blessing to make the tape public. Hirsch also claims the duo was more than willing to sign off on the footage, most likely in an effort to get a larger audience for the next season of their show.

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So far, the publicity stunt seems to be working. Twitter is already aflutter with news of the tape and has even given birth to a new hashtag: #MimisShowerRodStrongerThan. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

While Faust and Smith may be getting the attention they were seeking, it’s possible they’re entering a new realm of celebrity by showing a different side of themselves. Just ask Farrah Abraham, who originally claimed her sex tape was a “celebration” of her body, but then later claimed the film going public ruined her life.

Let’s just hope the duo isn’t trying to cash in on their love, because there’s a large chance it won’t pay off. Paris Hilton claims she never saw a penny after the release of her video, despite the tape’s booming popularity.

Faust and Smith’s tape is titled Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta, and it’s scheduled for release next month.

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