Lindsay Lohan falls off the wagon at Coachella

Apr 15, 2014 at 11:42 a.m. ET

Despite her insistence that she is committed to her sobriety, Lindsay Lohan was spotted partying drink in hand at Coachella over the weekend.

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She told Oprah over and over that with the exception of one teensy tiny little glass of wine she was finally clean and sober, but Lindsay Lohan may have found the temptations of Coachella to be too much to bear.

The star was reportedly spotted in the VIP area of the music festival over the weekend downing some vodka, and she didn't care who saw her. A witness told InTouch that Lohan was "completely out of it" while watching Kid Cudi perform.

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"She couldn't stand up straight and she was frantically chain smoking cigarettes," the source said. "In one of her hands she had a plastic cup with a clear liquid in it."

"The group [of Lohan and her pals were] standing in a small cabana, booth-type thing and one of the friends was making regular trips to the bar. I overheard the friend order four vodka sodas and when he carried them back to the group. He handed one to Lindsay and she started drinking it."

Another source close to the actress said this news is far from surprising.

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"Lindsay's friend and family have been hoping that she would stay sober, but they've been down this path before with her," an insider told Radar Online. "She swears that she's going to do the right thing and stay sober, then she doesn't and she apologizes when people find out. But she doesn't come clean to people close to her very easily."

"Lindsay doesn't have any court mandated rehab requirements coming up. And without that she would never go back and get treatment so she's really not going to be held responsible for anything," the source said. "Unfortunately this story wasn't completely shocking and really no one was surprised."

Coachella continues this weekend — watch the live stream here.

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