VIDEO: Justin Bieber skips court for Coachella performance

Justin Bieber skipped court again and made a super-secret appearance at his friend Chance the Rapper’s Coachella set.

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber gave Coachella guests a surprise performance when he appeared at the music festival over the weekend, but it looks like he did actually have other plans.

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The pop singer skipped a hearing on Monday, April 14, in relation to a Toronto assault charge from Dec. 29 of last year. According to Billboard, Bieber’s attorney represented him at the hearing, and reportedly received disclosure evidence from prosecutors in the case.

The charge comes from an incident where Bieber allegedly assaulted the limo driver after leaving a nightclub in Toronto. He was charged on Jan. 29, 2014, and also skipped his first court appearance back in March.

But Bieber apparently had more important things to do, and appeared onstage with Chance the Rapper at the Coachella Music Festival to perform their song “Confident.”

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Bieber wasn’t a scheduled performer, but he took to social media before his performance. During the day, he hinted he might have plans.

After the song was over, he again took to Twitter to share this thanks for being up onstage with Chance.

Beliebers on social media were upset at having missed a Bieber performance, so the singer also posted a short video for them on Instagram with the caption, “Surprise performance at Coachella with @chancetherapper”

The fans that weren’t at the show didn’t get to see Bieber’s performance, because Chance the Rapper’s set wasn’t a part of Coachella’s live stream.

The singer is next set to appear in a Toronto court for the alleged assault on May 12.