Game of Thrones: King Joffrey's b****iest moments

Apr 14, 2014 at 3:51 p.m. ET

King Joffrey is dead and Game of Thrones fans are dancing in the street. Remember these truly awful moments?

Game of THrones, Joffrey's death
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Game of Thrones fans are rather used to seeing main characters killed off. The series' creator, George R. R. Martin, seems to get a kick out of causing his readers to gasp. Last night's shocking death, however, brought about a different reaction from fans. For those who haven't read the books and didn't know what awaited at "The Purple Wedding," seeing Joffrey choke to death after being poisoned was the most exciting and best moment of the season and will, no doubt, continue to leave them feeling vindicated as the season progresses. Joffrey was an evil, sniveling little punk and nearly everyone is happy to see him turn blue.

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Need a few more reasons to rejoice in his demise? These clips show Joffrey at his b****iest.

Poo to the face

In this epic clip, we really get a taste for all Joffrey has to offer. First, as his sister is sent away, he makes fun of his brother for crying to see her go. When Sansa challenges him, he quickly reminds her of her (and her family's) place. The smug little jerk. Sansa has to feel pretty victorious, though, when just moments later a peasant nails him in the face with poop. His overreaction proves our point perfectly as Joffrey's inner b**** quickly comes bubbling to the surface.


No rest for the whiny

After the war, hundreds of children now live in an orphanage because their fathers were killed in the fighting. When Lady Margaery disembarks from her carriage so as to pay a visit to the children, Joffrey is less than pleased and remains in his box, sniveling.


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Giggling through death

In an effort to impress Margaery, Joffrey takes her on a tour through the castle, showing off the tombs of those who died tragically, snickering sickeningly as he tells their stories. Funny. Our lives will be complete once someone snickers their way through the retelling of his death.


Joffrey promises to rape his new sister-in-law

Need further proof of Joffrey's evilness? This NSFW clip from Tyrion and Sansa's wedding shows Joffrey in all his evilness. First, he threatens to rape Sansa on the night of her wedding. Then he tries to force Tyrion and Sansa to take on a public consummation of their marriage.


A Ned Stark postmortem visit

It's no wonder Sansa has pretty much shut down. After accidentally convincing her father to admit to his crimes and sitting through his execution, Joffrey then forces her to go visit her father's head on a stake. There's never any mercy from the little king.


Of course, these are only the tip of the iceberg. We watched as King Joffrey sneered his way through three seasons on Game of Thrones, one moment making him even more detestable than the next. Thank goodness he's gone, right?

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