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Awkward moments you missed at the MTV Movie awards

The MTV Movie awards were filled with plenty of moments to remember: those you wish that you could forget and then something in between. Find out the most awkward moments that you missed last night.

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night were filled with many awkward moments and some viewers were left feeling thankful that the award show only comes around once a year.

You thought John Travolta’s infamous mispronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars earlier this year was bad? Just wait… here are some of the most awkward moments that occurred during the two-hour telecast.


Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz fail to be sexy

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann fail at being sexy

Original video source: MTV

The Other Woman costars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and Nicki Minaj took to the Nokia Theatre stage to present the Best Male Performance award, and Diaz and Mann tried very hard to look sexy while introducing the award.

The pair was giggling, speaking in sultry voices, twirling their hair and making crude suggestions. In our opinion, the whole introduction was not very sexy, but rather forced, fake and just downright awkward.

The four women presented the nominees for the award: Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Matthew McConaughey and Josh Hutcherson. And while Mann and Diaz’s descriptions of Cooper, DiCaprio and Ejiofor fell flat, Minaj saved the night with her message to McConaughey.

“Matthew McConaughey, I have a pair of bongos you can play,” The “Starships” hit maker said.


Jessica Alba mispronounces Zac Efron’s name

Rita Ora rips open Zac Efron's abs

Original video source: MTV

Jessica Alba added some humor to the evening, although she had not intended to do so. When announcing the name for Best Shirtless Performance, the Sin City actress slipped up and pronounced the winner Zac Efron as Zac Ee-fron. Although, luckily for Alba, her gaffe was quickly forgotten after Rita Ora ripped off Efron’s shirt to leave his impressive abs on display.


Seth Rogen kisses his “mom”

Seth Rogen kisses his "mother"

Original video source: MTV

The world loves Seth Rogen for his comedic wit, but did he cross the line when he kissed his “mother” onstage at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday?

Before introducing the Best Kiss nominees Seth Rogen, Dave Franco and Zac Efron decided to hold a live kiss-off featuring three audience members. However, while Rogen’s fellow presenters managed to nab some good-looking audience members, the Pineapple Express actor got his “mother.”

Rogen shouted in to the crowd, “Wait a minute, that’s my mom! Mom, no! Go back to your seat, Mom!” But his “mom” was not planning on heading back to her seat anytime soon and the pair engaged in a smooch.


Mark Wahlberg’s F-bomb laden acceptance speech

Mark Wahlberg expletive filled acceptance speech

Original video source: MTV

Mark Wahlberg left the crowd feeling a little awkward when he accepted his award for the Generation trophy and he let the crowd know just what he thought about it in an acceptance speech laden with F-bombs.

“I know what this really means… this is the you’re-too-f***ing-old-to-come-back award,” Wahlberg quipped.

“This is not the Channing-Tatum-you’re-dancing-around-chicks-want-you award. This is the you’re-f***ing-done award. But look, it was a great run.” And those were just a few of the very colorful words that Wahlberg choose to describe his award.

However, even if Marky Mark’s acceptance speech was not very appropriate, it was at times rather humorous and he did mention that he was lucky to be married to his wife, which was a bit of an “awww” moment.

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