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Beyoncé slammed for alleged retouched bikini image

Beyoncé received some fan backlash after she seemingly retouched a bikini image of herself she posted on Instagram.

Reacting to a suspicious photo she posted on Instagram, Beyoncé was accused of making her legs look slimmer on the image with Photoshop.

Being normally outspoken about how proud she is of her body and curves, the popular star is being criticized for an image she posted that apparently shows her legs a lot slimmer than they really are. Beyoncé’s leg images have incited accusations that she used Photoshop to enhance the appearance of her thighs, making them look much different.

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The first photo features Beyoncé putting a golf ball from the side, which seems to show her legs the way they normally look.

But then, another Instagram shot has the “XO” singer on a mostly frontal angle, in which her thighs look very skinny and sporting a noticeably large gap between them.

The photos incited many comments from fans, where several of them questioned the authenticity of the image, saying it was retouched and enhanced. One user wrote a comment under the more “natural- looking” photo saying, “You can tell from this picture that the last one is definitely photoshopped… [sic]”

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Under the suspicious image, fans left even more comments regarding the way Beyoncé’s legs looked. One user seemed very discouraged, saying, “Lies about everything, even this pic [sic] is a lie!!!! Photoshop legs?!” Another said, “LOL at her thighs here,” while a third wrote, “Legs look weird but love the bikini.”

There were several more comments regarding the appearance of Beyoncé’s legs, with one lamenting the way the famous mother-of-one has been more conscious about her shape recently.

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“I love bey [sic], but she’s trying to [sic] hard lately #photoshop,” elizabethkathryn7 wrote. “(I miss the curvy beyonce [sic] who didn’t give a sh***!!!!)”

What do you think: Have Beyoncé’s legs been Photoshopped? Drop us a comment below.

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