Danny DeVito thinks David Beckham has a "great a**"

Apr 11, 2014 at 8:10 a.m. ET

What does Danny DeVito have to say about former soccer star David Beckham? Not much... apart from joking about Beckham's underwear campaigns and his "great a**."

Danny DeVito jokes that David Beckham should "keep his pants off"
Photo credit: Drew Altizer/WENN.com

Danny DeVito has just said what the whole world is thinking — soccer star David Beckham has a great a**! However, The Lorax star's comments were said in jest as he playfully told reporters that Beckham should "keep his pants off."

So how did this topic even come about? According to Us Weekly, the 69-year-old actor was speaking to reporters at the FX Network screening of the upcoming TV series Fargo on Wednesday when he joked that the former L.A. Galaxy player had an impressive derriere.

Reporters asked the comedian about Beckham because the pair share a similar interest: alcohol. Beckham will be launching a high-end Scotch line, and the funny man has his own limoncello line.

"The guy's the underwear guy, right?" DeVito joked. "Beckham? The guy with the great a**? Yeah, I know the guy."

And DeVito is not the only person to mention Beckham's underwear campaigns recently. Just last month, Tommy Hilfiger hailed Beckham as being the Underwear Model of the Century. Not bad, right?

Reporters then told the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star about Beckham's partnership with Diageo, which will see the former soccer star release Haig Club, a Scotch that "showcases butterscotch and toffee."

DeVito jokingly asked what Beckham did before his new Scotch venture. After reporters informed DeVito that the British star was, in fact, a serious soccer player, DeVito jokingly said, "David Beckham is a soccer star? Are you kidding me? I thought he was just one of those, you know, beefcake guys! Are you serious?"

And does DeVito have any helpful tips with regards to launching an alcohol line? It seems he doesn't. "I don't have any advice for him. The only thing I would say is, 'David, keep your pants off,'" DeVito quipped.