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How to be a good BFF according to TV

Great friendships on the small screen are the emotional core of a television show. That’s no different in the real world, where friendships help us live happier and more fulfilling lives. But can TV characters teach us anything about what makes friendships solid? We think so — here’s how.

Don’t be competitive

Big bang theory |

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The Big Bang Theory proves friends don’t have to be perfectly matched. Though the characters of Bernadette and Amy are rising stars in the scientific community and Penny is a struggling actor, they find common ground in many ways, allowing each woman to be her true self without worrying about who is one-upping the other (unlike their male counterparts, who are constantly competing in video games and for career recognition).

Find time for your BFF

Sex and the City |

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Though relationships, careers and children can strain friendships — or simply create unavoidable space between two friends — always make time for your best buddies. Take the women of Sex and the City. No matter what, Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda always took the time to have a cosmo or meet for breakfast. Oh, and they looked fabulous doing so.

Stick together

Playing House |

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Best friends always stick together — no matter what. Just ask Maggie Caruso and Emma Crawford, the best friends on Playing House. These two are so dedicated to each other, they are going to raise a baby together. How’s that for devotion? And don’t forget Cristina and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy. These two have seen some seriously dark days, from a plane crash to failed marriages, yet they remained close and were each other’s rock in times of crisis.

Accept faults

Seinfeld |

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Sometimes the most dysfunctional friendships can serve as inspiration to us all. Remember Jerry and George from Seinfeld? Though narrow-minded and selfish at times — many times, in fact — these two couldn’t have been better friends, because they were always willing to accept and even embrace each other’s faults — for better or for worse.

Love your BFF like family

Friends |

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What’s the best bromance ever? J.D. and Turk from Scrubs certainly are in top contention, along with Chandler and Joey from Friends. These guys would do anything for each other, and make a case that your best friend is often just as important as your own family.

Make it last a lifetime

Golden Girls |

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If we need any further proof that friendships can last a lifetime, look no further than the Golden Girls. Work on developing a strong relationship so that it lasts through thick and thin, especially when you need your BFF most. And if nothing else, cheesecake is always a good back-up.

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