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New TV trend: Less-than-manly love interests

Forget those bulging muscles and scruffy beards, in TV Land clean-cut guys are king. Though they may be less-than-manly when it comes to their not-so-rugged appearance, these leading men are stealing the hearts of women everywhere with their slicked-back hair, sleek suits and dreamy looks.

Will Schuester
(Matthew Morrison)

Matthew Morrison |

Photo credit:

Who wouldn’t want Matthew Morrison’s character in Glee to sing to them any day? This hottie, who often sports a vest and tie, plays a high school music teacher. “Gleeks” love him, and so do we.

Anthony DiNozzo
(Michael Weatherly)

Michael Weatherly |

Photo credit: Jerod Harrisi/Collection: Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gorgeous, funny and rarely seen in anything other than a well-tailored suit, Michael Weatherly’s character has been stealing the hearts of women on NCIS for years. Though his character comes off as a womanizer at times, he has a sweet and soft side we all yearn to see.

Zach Harper
(Zach Woods)

Zach Harper played by Zach Woods |

Photo credit: USA Network

This lovable but odd character on Playing House is pretty much the opposite of manly — especially when you consider his love for shoes and decorating. We’ve got to admit though, his dedication to his sister does make him kind of adorable.

Sherlock Holmes
(Jonny Lee Miller)

Jonny Lee Miller |

Photo credit:

This crime solver is passionate yet wacky, in a fun way that sets him apart from other TV characters. Don’t get us wrong — we think he’s sexy on the outside, but we love how he uses his mind to solve mysteries in Elementary. Now if we could only get his help in solving how we can bring him from the television into our own living rooms.

Walden Schmidt
(Ashton Kutcher)

Ashton Kutcher |

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ashton Kutcher is all about the hair, yet exudes masculinity that gives us the best of both worlds. In Two and a Half Men, he plays a billionaire looking for love, but he doesn’t have to look far to find millions of women willing to give him their love.

Neal Caffrey
(Matt Bomer)

Matt Bomer |

Photo credit: Brian To/

This White Collar dreamer looks amazing in a suit, and what girl can refuse that chiseled face and hair you just want to run your hands through?

Derek Morgan
(Shemar Moore)

Shemar Moore’s character on Criminal Minds is perfection. What other TV hero looks like he just came off the runway after busting down a criminal’s door?

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Shemar Moore |

Photo credit: FayesVision/
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