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Are Taylor Swift’s parents too controlling?

Taylor Swift’s parents have supported her career since the very beginning, but is their control over her life going too far?

Is Taylor Swift surrounded by helicopter parents? A new report by Page Six says Scott and Andrea Swift are becoming “difficult and controlling stage parents” despite a separation.

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According to the report, numerous people working for Swift have been leaving or have been edged out by the Swifts. That includes staffers at their company, 13 Management, as well as Swift’s agents at CAA and WME. Her business managers quit last year, and her longtime publicist resigned last month. Page Six said all those people quit because Swift’s parents are edging them out so they can have total control of her career.

“Taylor’s parents are incredibly difficult to deal with,” a source told the gossip column. “Their expectations are enormous, and they are very hard to please. They want to pay as little as possible and treat people like s***, because they think those people are lucky to have the chance to work with a superstar like Taylor.”

Scott and Andrea Swift’s separation has reportedly made things even more unpleasant for everyone involved.

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Although the Swifts are separated, sources say they have not divorced because “they don’t want to damage Taylor’s career.”

But her fans aren’t going anywhere anytime soon; as long as she keeps doing what she does best, she shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Taylor Swift and her management haven’t commented on the situation, and the singer is likely focusing on her time in the studio. She is currently busy recording her fifth album.

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