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Elisabeth Moss picks her most awkward make-out scene on Mad Men

Over the last six seasons of Mad Men, Peggy has made out with her fair share of guys. Does Elisabeth Moss have a least favorite make-out moment?

Mad Men‘s Peggy Olson may be brilliant at her job, but her love life is a different story. She just can’t get it together. While none of her relationships have lasted very long, there have certainly been quite a few of them. For a girl who came to Sterling Cooper with no real interest in pinning down a guy, she’s continually found herself pinned down by someone, right? When we chatted with Elisabeth Moss at PaleyFest, she agreed with us on Peggy’s biggest mistakes.

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“I think, like, pretty much every single person she ever slept with,” Moss teased. “I think that she’s just not managed to get that quite right yet. She’s one of those women that is good at her job, that’s her first love. And she’s better at her work than she is in her personal life.”

Since she’s found herself in so many compromising positions in the last six years, we wondered if any moment in particular stood out. Was there one specifically-weird or terrifying situation in particular that sticks out in her mind?

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“It’s always awkward. It’s always weird,” Moss said. “I think the weirdest ones are the ones where you don’t know the person at all. Although, I had to kiss Jay [R. Ferguson], who plays Stan [Rizzo], like, last season, I think it was. That was really weird. He’s like my brother now, he really is and we’re closer and we’re friends and that was… I didn’t like that; that was weird. He’s a good kisser, but I didn’t like it. It was weird.”

For the record, we’re still totally rooting for Peggy and Rizzo to end up together. While the actors may feel like siblings, their characters’ chemistry is just too perfect to ignore. Yes, they pick at each other and annoy each other. But, Peggy is always at her most fun and laid-back when she’s hanging with Rizzo. With only one (split) season left to go for Mad Men, we’re dying to find out if they’ll end up in each others’ arms come the finale.

To find out Moss’ favorite episode and hear what curse word comes flying out of Peggy’s mouth in Mad Men Season 7, watch the video of our red carpet interview.

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