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INTERVIEW: Reality check! Crisis’ Max Schneider admits he had a big ego

Max Schneider knows a little something about letting fame go to your head. But you’ll love how a good friend brought him back down to earth to become the humble star we adore.

When you are a fresh-faced 21-year-old working with Pharrell on new tracks and starring in NBC’s hit drama Crisis, we expect you to have an ego! But not many celebrities would actually sit down and admit that they’ve let success go to their head. In this candid interview, Max Schneider opens up about how fame led to an inflated ego and how he managed to fall back down to earth.

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“A few years ago, I had done this Dolce & Gabbana thing with Madonna and it was a wonderful moment in my career and I got a big head about it,” Schneider said. We don’t blame him. It’s only the reigning legend of female pop artists. It’d be hard not to think you’re cooler than the entire world, so we won’t even judge him for that.

But Schneider has a great support group of grounded friends and family who were less than impressed with his new attitude. “My best friend, who’s still my best friend to this day — she’s amazing. I was walking down the street and somebody said something to me and I had a big head about it. And she slapped me in the face and was like, ‘I don’t like this person you’re becoming. If you become this person, I don’t want to be your friend anymore,'” he said. Amazing! We all need a BFF like that to deflate our egos. We love this girl.

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Not surprisingly, that was a life-changing moment for Schneider. He’s decided to make humility a theme in his life. He believes fame shouldn’t change you. It shouldn’t turn you into someone you’re not. And with a great support system willing to slap him out of it, it’s likely Max will remain humble as his career catapults him to the next level.

To hear more gems of wisdom from Max Schneider and to get details on Crisis and his upcoming tour, check out the video above.

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