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VIDEO: Kendall Jenner’s cornrows cause uproar

Marie Claire magazine took heat when they tweeted a photo of Kendall Jenner’s cornrows and called them “new” and “epic.”

Who knew that a trying out a new hairdo could cause so much drama? Just look at Kendall Jenner. On Tuesday, big sister Kim Kardashian posted a photo of Kendall and her cornrow hairdo on her blog with a caption that read “It’s fun to experiment with new hair looks! Kendall and I are both trying out cornrows!”

But it wasn’t all fun and games when the official Twitter account for Marie Claire magazine got a little stumbled on words when trying to compliment the 18-year-old model’s look.

While the Marie Claire tweeter’s intentions were likely for the best, the Twitterverse quickly turned on the magazine, questioning whether they were aware that this particular hair trend has actually been around for ages. As you may have guessed, this questioning sentiment came with racial implications and created a media storm for the publication. Tweet after tweet continued to direct rage at the magazine, with the hashtags #BlackTwitter and #BoldBraids added to some messages.

Shortly afterwards, Marie Claire tried to make amends for the tweet, apologizing to anyone who was offended and emphasizing that their message was “poorly worded.” At time of press, the magazine’s apology tweet had more than double the amount of retweets than the initial tweet, so it’s safe to say that their explanation was heard loud and clear.

All the controversy surrounding the cornrows has yet to affect Kendall, who hasn’t responded to the headlines. But that might be because she’s a little too busy re-adjusting to life back in Los Angeles after the Kardashian family getaway in Thailand.

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