EXCLUSIVE Chasing Maria Menounos clips: A bittersweet trip home

Apr 8, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. ET

We've got exclusive clips from the April 8 episode of Chasing Maria Menounos, where a return home reveals that some things have changed for the better and some things haven't changed at all.

Chasing Maria Menounos
Photo Credit: Oxygen

It's not always easy going back home. Sometimes, returning to your roots can bring joy and happiness, while at other times, it can stir up bad memories. In the April 8 episode of Chasing Maria Menounos, titled "Back to My Roots," a trip back to Boston comes with some good times as well as a few complications.

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In the first clip from the episode, everyone is happily chatting about their favorite hangouts in Boston. Menounos is hopeful that after they see her boyfriend's mom, they will have time to go out and have some fun. They also look back on the hard times they went through the last time they were in their hometown, such as when Menounos' father disowned her when he found out her boyfriend wasn't Greek.

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In the second clip, Menounos' boyfriend (Keven Undergaro) talks to his mom about how he wants to get married, but admits that he also wants to get back to working on his own career. Meanwhile, Menounos is sitting in the other room, knowing that the "conversion talk" is about to happen at any time and all she can do is sit back and hope for the best. How will his mom react to his decision to convert to Greek Orthodox?

In the third clip, Menounos talks about an odd job both she and Undergaro used to have back in the days when they were low on cash and had to get whatever work they could. Some people are waitresses or bartenders, but they sold sausages on the street. Undergaro thinks Menounos can't do the job again, but she takes him up on his dare and has no problem getting behind the grill and pushing her product to people passing by. With that, Menounos proves once and for all that she's definitely not a princess.

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