EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Derek Hough and BoA’s sexy bar-top dance in Make Your Move

Dancing on a bar is nothing new, but attach some crushed beer cans with duct tape to your shoes and you’ve got a rhythmic sensation. Watch our exclusive clip to see sexy Derek Hough’s progressive dance duet.

Derek Hough is busy these days. After a successful run on DWTS and then choreographing an ice dance for Olympians Meryl Davis and Charlie White, Hough is pushing himself to try new things.

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While dance movies are nothing new, they continue to remain popular. Singing in the Rain, All That Jazz and Flashdance live on in our cultural psyche, but Make Your Move offers an urban, multicultural take on this winning formula.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the film is a perfect vehicle for the Emmy-winning ballroom dancer Hough, whose boyish sexiness plays well opposite K-pop singer BoA. The two seem to have real chemistry as their characters fall in love despite their rivaling families who operate competing underground dance clubs.

The music was inspired by the sights and sounds of two very different cities: New Orleans and Brooklyn. The soundtrack blends hip-hop beats, dub-step, Taiko drums and of course, tap dancing.

But don’t think the characters in this movie wear traditional tap-dancing shoes. BoA wears a hip pair of white-and-gold Adidas, suggesting her character is a no-nonsense woman who’s just as capable of shooting basketball hoops as she is of killing it on the dance floor. Hough duct-tapes beer cans to the bottoms of his boots, suggesting his character is sly and resourceful.

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While Korean cutie BoA is a big star in Asia, she’s mostly unknown in America — until now. Her birth name Kwon Boa was stylized into a stage name that took the meaning “Beat of Angel” as her career began to take off in Korea and Japan.

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Writer/director Duane Adler, known mostly for the Step Up franchise, brings his dance-romance expertise to a movie that’s fresh and fun.

Make Your Move opens in theaters in limited release April 18.


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