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INTERVIEW: Max Schneider talks Pharrell and upcoming tour

SheKnows had the opportunity to sit down with rising star MAX to get you all the dish on working with Pharrell, his new album and his upcoming tour!

You might know MAX (Max Schneider) from the new hit drama Crisis and for being absolutely adorable. But you may not know this young actor is on the road to be the next big thing in music. The 21-year-old has a background in singing and songwriting and even opened with Victoria Justice’s “Making It In America” Tour in 2012, and now he’s getting ready to take his music career to a whole new level!

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As if releasing his latest single “Mug Shot” wasn’t enough, MAX has been working with two of music’s major players. He recently did a video with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, and he’s been working with Oscar-nominated producing superhero Pharrell. Maybe the most impressive thing about his latest accomplishments is that Pharrell was the one who first reached out to work with Max.

“His wife had seen some of my YouTube videos… so he hit up my management and was like, ‘I want to meet this guy MAX.'” Just being scouted by one of the greatest producers ever. No big deal. However, MAX was still pretty nervous to meet one of his childhood heroes. “He just came in and was like the Yoda of music to me walking in,” he said. The duo haven’t worked together too much yet, but there’s no doubt the tracks this talented team produces together will make us happy.

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In other exciting Max news, an upcoming summer tour is in the works. “It’s my favorite thing in the world. I love having special experiences… It’s a live show and I want a performance,” MAX said. It sounds like we can expect surprises and quality entertainment from MAX this summer.

For more on this rising star, watch the video above and don’t forget to check him out on Crisis on NBC.

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