Discuss: Is it finally time for a woman to host the Late Show?

In a surprise announcement, David Letterman announced he’d like to retire from the Late Show in 2015. Immediately, people began speculating who could take is place. Is it finally time for a woman to step behind the desk?

Tina Fey, Ellen DeGeneres and Chelsea Handler

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Now that David Letterman has announced his plans to abandon the Late Show desk, the entire country is speculating about who might take his place. From Conan O’Brien to Tina Fey, anyone with a bit of humor in their blood has been tossed onto the list of possible hosts. Many are even suggesting it’s time for a lady to make her mark on the Late Show. That’s certainly an interesting option.

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We’re not suggesting the thought of a Late Show hostess entirely for the purpose of finally having a woman take her place at the desk. We, by no means, believe that anyone, as long as it’s a woman, will do. We do, however, think there might be some people worth considering for the job. If she’s funny enough, why shouldn’t we consider her?

David Letterman

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Our choices…

Tina Fey

Keeping in line with the SNL late-night talk show takeover on NBC, Late Show showrunners would be remiss if they didn’t consider Fey for the hosting gig. There’s a reason she’s gone on to do amazing things after leaving Saturday Night Live: She’s funny and smart, characteristics that are perfect for a Late Show host. She also has a loving but rabid fan base. Millennials who aren’t currently watching the Late Show would assuredly tune in for Fey.

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Ellen DeGeneres

Could Ellen land behind the Late Show desk? Definitely. After countless Daytime Emmy nominations, a multitude of successful award show hosting gigs and one insanely-popular daytime talk show, Late Show seems like a logical next step for the comedian. She’s also at the right age to appeal to the Late Show‘s already middle-aged-skewed audience, as well as pick up younger fans.

Chelsea Handler

We’d be crazy not to throw Handler into the mix. The sexy comedian always keeps us in stitches. She’s also capable of continuing Letterman’s classic sarcasm, instead of switching to a more goofy take on the Late Show. We also know she’s free, since she’s planning on leaving E! soon. We love her. However, we have our doubts. Handler’s humor is a bit of a wild card and we could see her easily taking things too far for network television, even when it comes on so late. Could the right producer rein her in and would she be happy like that?

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