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Haylie Duff’s Real Girl’s Kitchen cooks up LA love

Believe it or not, plenty of celebs know how to cook. Some of them even land a TV show. We’ve never been more excited for a celebrity cooking show than we are for Haylie Duff’s Real Girl’s Kitchen.

Haylie Duff
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We’ll admit it: We didn’t like Sandy Jameson, Haylie Duff’s character on 7th Heaven. However, we’ve always been fans of Duff and even lured her in as a SheKnows contributor. She knows her stuff in the kitchen. Plus, Duff is a perpetual ray of sunshine. Now she’s making herself downright lovable by promising that her new cooking show, Real Girl’s Kitchen, will serve as a “love letter to Los Angeles.”

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After running her cooking blog, Real Girl’s Kitchen, for a few years, the endeavor proved so successful that the blog was first turned into a book. Focused on eating healthy, yummy food, Duff takes readers through recipes she’s created as well as old family recipes. But, if you’re not a foodie and know nothing about the kitchen, Duff keeps you covered with tips on scouring farmer’s markets and hooking you up with tips every cook needs to get started in the kitchen and remain successful. Will everything work? No. Duff fully admits that when she first started spending time in the kitchen there was a lot of trial and error. But with a little patience with yourself and a little help from Real Girl’s Kitchen, Duff believes anyone can whip up a meal.

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Need more proof? You’ll get it in June when the Cooking Channel premieres Duff’s new show, Real Girl’s Kitchen. We mentioned the news and showed off a sneak peek during our Q&A with Duff in late 2013, but now we have even more details thanks to The Hollywood Reporter. The show has a 10-episode order and Duff says the show won’t film wholly in her kitchen. In the first run of episodes, expect to see Duff out and about in Los Angeles, California, exploring her farmer’s market and getting tips from her favorite local chefs.

“We’ll visit my good friend Ernesto [Uchimura] at the restaurant Plan Check,” Duff told THR. “[And] learn how to make the perfect burger, or hang out in Malibu in my trailer at the trailer park at Paradise Cove. It’s a loose format. I just want people to go on culinary adventures with me.”

We can’t think of a better tour guide for a “culinary adventure” than the always-delightful Duff. Real Girl’s Kitchen makes its television premiere in June, but you can catch the first episode online at Ora.TV on April 9. We can’t wait.

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