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A bikini-clad Kardashian clan take on Thailand & an elephant

The Kardashian-Jenner clan have taken on Thailand, and they’ve decided to travel light, judging by their wardrobe choices and hundreds of bikini-clad selfies.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan have taken a luxurious trip to Thailand and of course, they would not be the Kardashians without documenting their trip through a series of sexy selfies.

The clan really appear to be making the most of the sunshine in Thailand and have taken every opportunity they can to do a mini photo shoot and post bikini-clad selfies to their Instagram accounts.

The selfie destinations of choice include tropical beaches, yacht trips, zip-lining courses and pretty much everywhere else.

Yes, the family certainly appear to be traveling light if their barely there wardrobes are anything to go by. And a recent boating trip produced some very awkwardly posed shots of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and far less of their surroundings.

Khloé showed off her playful side when she adopted the nautical theme with a sailor hat and a one-piece costume emblazoned with the words “East Coast” across her chest.

Kim posted a photo of herself on Tuesday that shows off her bikini body and the beautiful blue waters surrounding her (as seen above). She captioned the image, “wish you were here.” She must be missing her baby daddy, then?

And Kim also uploaded a new video that shows her in slow motion, which she captioned, “coming soon.” What could possibly be coming soon?

The Jenner sisters didn’t let their older siblings hog all the limelight either. Kylie Jenner posed for a bikini shot during the yacht trip, too, and she looked very grown up in her white string bikini set.
Kendall Jenner also uploaded an image of herself to Instagram on Tuesday that shows her surrounded by a beautiful tropical landscape. She captioned the picture, “just me and my coconut.”

However, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan also surprisingly managed to find time for some other things on their holiday, including snorkeling, riding elephants and zip-lining.

The family decided to get a little adventurous and go zip-lining though the jungle during one of their trips, and in between all the high-flying adventure time, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie also found time to pose for selfies to show off their zip-lining gear.

Yet our favorite moment of the Kardashian holiday thus far has to be Kim’s attempt to have a selfie with an elephant. The 33-year-old star really wants the world to know she’s shed all that baby weight, and while dressed in a black bikini and sheer black cover-up, she seductively began to pose in front of an elephant.

However, the best part about the brunette beauty’s encounter with her new friend is that he spooked her by tickling her with his trunk. According to E! News, the mom-of-one sped away whilst her mother Kris Jenner looked on. Hilarious!

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