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Throwback Thursday: Today’s hottest celebs five years ago

Aren’t Throwback Thursdays great? Why should Facebook have all the fun? Here are today’s most famous (or infamous in some cases) celebrities five years ago.

Look at this little dollface! Before there were public tantrums, misuse of mop buckets and DUIs, there was this little guy singing his heart out at a “youth empowerment” event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Who knew that five years later people would be petitioning for Justin Bieber’s return to Canada? Hey, 2009 called. It wants this cutie-patootie back.
Speaking of cutie-patooties, check out this darling teenager. Look at all that hair, and clothes, and most startling of all — no tongue! Aww, those were simpler times, weren’t they folks? Before Miley Cyrus was grossing us out in various stages of undress, she was just another celebrity schlepping shakes at Millions of Milkshakes. That is totes adorbs! Sadly, these days Cyrus’ appearances are totes appalls.
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
No way! Miley Cyrus isn’t the only celebrity in 2009 who had to lower herself to do public appearances at a milkshake chain! Five years ago, the woman who hijacked pop culture with her sex tape, whiny voice, 72-day marriage and large ba-dunk-a-dunk was also whipping up frozen beverages at Millions of Milkshakes. Kim Kardashian proves we all have to start our journey to infamy somewhere.
Kanye West

Kanye West
Before he was fathering Kim Kardashian’s baby, launching into “poor me” rants and messing up the cover of Vogue, Kanye West was ushering then-girlfriend Amber Rose on the red carpet. Probably the most remarkable difference in West five years ago is that, in 2009, he was smiling instead of scowling.
‘Memba dis? Every day is Halloween in Lady Gaga land, where costumes and wigs rule the day. Back in 2009, Gaga really hearted this f’d up wig that makes it look like she’s a lost member of the Mickey Mouse family. She wore it everywhere. Sadly, some of the looks Gaga has unveiled since 2009 make us long for this questionable wig choice.
Look at Madonna in 2009! She is positively glowing — she looks beautiful. Unfortunately, this was before her plastic surgeon got a little trigger-happy with the scalpel and made Madge look like Priscilla Presley and The Joker’s love child. (We know — not nice — but it had to be said.) Now, Madonna is a cautionary tale in plastic surgery. (Are there any plastic surgeons reading this who can take this picture and make Madonna look like this again?)
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