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EXCLUSIVE Da Vinci’s Demons clip: Clarice faces the other woman

While Leonardo is away, the Medicis will play. And not peacefully. We’ve snagged an exclusive clip of the upcoming drama on Da Vinci’s Demons.

SheKnows has your first look at Lorenzo and Clarice in the third episode of Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2, titled “The Voyage of the Damned.” In the nearly 2-minute clip, we see that things are far from peaceful in the Medici household, even though the Pazzis have been defeated.

“Clearly you meant it when you said you didn’t deserve your family; for now you vanish on us,” Clarice says at the start of the clip.

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Lorenzo may have survived the Pazzi takeover attempt, but that doesn’t mean Clarice is ready to let him off the hook for his previous indiscretions. She is neither stupid nor helpless, and this clip reinforces what we already knew about her character.

“That was a subtle plan that got my brother killed,” Lorenzo says harshly, referring to Clarice’s plan last season to marry Giuliano to Camilla Pazzi. Clarice isn’t one to take such criticism and she slaps Lorenzo for it in a move we can all appreciate.

“You see matrimony as a political tool,” Clarice snaps.

“I’ve tried, but you keep me outside your heart,” Clarice continues, reaching for one of Lorenzo’s knives. But not to use on him. And not on herself. Instead, she turns the blade on Leonardo’s painting of Lucrezia, slicing thick lines into the portrait.

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To those of us at home, who know what a masterpiece and legendary work of art the painting becomes, that knife might as well be scratching across our chests. It’s one of those moments where you scream at the screen. But, on the other hand, we can understand Clarice’s frustration. She is, after all, stuck walking the very fine line between matrimony and politics.

We can’t wait to see what Lorenzo does next.

Honestly, given the times, it appeared to us, thus far on the show, that Lorenzo and Clarice had a pretty healthy relationship. He lets her be outspoken, considering how a lot of women were treated in those days. Now we see things are going to get much more complicated for the two in the new season.

The new episode of Da Vinci’s Demons airs on Starz this Sunday, Apr. 5 at 9 p.m.

Do you think Lorenzo and Clarice will ultimately find happiness in one another? Or will Lorenzo continue to be unfaithful to his wife?

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