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Who’s hotter? Kit Harington vs. Richard Madden

The Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere is only a few days away, so we decided to put together a Game of Thrones edition for our article series.

Kit Harington

Christopher Catesby “Kit” Harington was born Dec. 26, 1986 in London, England. He originally wanted to become a cameraman or a war correspondent, but while still in school was cast in the original stage version of War Horse at the Olivier Theatre.

Richard Madden

Richard Madden was born June 18, 1986 in Elderslie, Scotland. As a child, he attended a youth theater program at the Paisley Arts Centre to overcome his shyness. From there he was cast in the film Complicity and the TV show Barmy Aunt Boomerang.


Kit Harington: After receiving recognition from War Horse, he continued to do theater, but was soon cast in Game of Thrones. Since the show’s very popular debut, he has transitioned into film (Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, Pompeii and Seventh Son [coming out in 2015]) and animation (How To Train Your Dragon 2). Last year, he won Actor of the Year at the Young Hollywood Awards.

Richard Madden: Like Harington, Madden is a classically trained theater actor. He worked with the Arches Theatre Company, the Citizens Theatre and was cast as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet at the Globe Theatre. He also won Most Stylish Male at the Scottish Style Awards, was named one of Esquire‘s Hottest Stars for 2010 and one of Screen International‘s Stars of Tomorrow in 2011.


Kit Harington:

  • 1. He comes from noble blood. He is a descendant of Charles II of England, a viscount, some baronets, an earl and a whole lot of regal English-sounding names.
  • 2. He showed up to his Game of Thrones audition with a black eye. Pretty bada**, Kit.
  • 3. He’s scared of flying.

Richard Madden:

  • 1. He trained four to five times a week to easily ride a horse in Season 1 of Game of Thrones.
  • 2. He was bullied in school because of his acting.
  • 3. His mother was a classroom assistant and his father was in the fire service.


Kit Harington: When he’s not perfecting his sword-fighting skills, he’s sculpting those abs with four-hour workouts that involve fight training, weight lifting and cardio. He claims he is very comfortable with the show’s nude scenes. “There [are] a hundred people watching you and after the first 30 seconds, everyone’s seen everything. I’m quite happy to strut around naked after that.” Well, with that bod, who wouldn’t be?

Richard Madden: He has some good genes and is also very healthy. While shooting the TV miniseries Klondike, he was in some physically challenging scenes and claims that thankfully he was fit enough to have endured that.


Kit Harington: He claims he has to talk enough about himself in publicity that he doesn’t want to do it in his free time as well. Therefore you will not see him tweeting anytime soon. There’s something humble and refreshing about that.

Richard Madden: Although he was blasted online for taking up too much room on the train last year, Madden sounds like a sensitive soul. He cried all the way home after filming Robb Stark’s death scene.


Kit Harington: He studied drama and theater at Worcester Sixth Form College and graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in 2008.

Richard Madden: In 2007, he graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.


Kit Harington: Although he and Rose Leslie split up last year, they have managed to remain good friends. That usually means the guy is a pretty stand-up dude. He claims an ideal first date involves dinner and wine, which sounds pretty mature and romantic for a 27-year-old. He also claims his perfect girlfriend has to be funny, and he likes a girl who eats. “I much prefer that she order the burger.” Ladies, this English gent is single.

Richard Madden: He has been with actress Jenna Coleman since 2011.

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