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VIDEO: Kelly Rowland on when women should keep their lips sealed

We’ve adored Kelly Rowland since the days of Destiny’s Child, so we couldn’t wait to pick the brain of Caress’ new “Fabulista” about fashion, beauty, feeling sexy and, naturally, her next album.

As the new “Fabulista” for Caress’ Fresh Body Wash collection, singer and TV personality Kelly Rowland has been busy launching the brand’s new scents — you know, not to mention working on her fifth studio album.

So when the bubbly star sat down to chat with us, we couldn’t wait to ask her how she’s still as fresh-faced as ever 16 years into the business and given she is super busy.

“Water! It is the fountain of youth,” Rowland laughed. “It truly is. I feel like water is the fountain of youth and I feel like, you know, actually taking care of yourself is really important as well. And enjoy your life — I think it’s important to enjoy your life.”

And, still riding the high of 2013’s Talk a Good Game album, Rowland is obviously enjoying her life (and lots of water, clearly) immensely. She’s currently in the studio working on her next album, which she is visibly excited about.

Drawing on musical influences ranging from Sade to Pharrell, Rowland asserts this album is inherently different from her previous albums. “The sound, above anything, makes it different from your last record,” she explained.

One thing that isn’t changing anytime soon, though, is Rowland’s belief that style affects music.

“I feel like it’s incredibly important that when I’m going to the studio I have to have a style that’s pulled together,” she laughed. “Like, I don’t just go into the studio with sweats on… unless I actually feel that way. But, for the most part, I think it’s important to feel fabulous. If I need to try, you know, a new style or a sound, then I actually have my style influence my sound going into the studio.”

Kelly Rowland

Photo credit: Daniel Tanner/WENN

When we asked the fashion-forward stunner — who counts Cushnie Et Ochs, Public School, Givenchy and Tom Ford as her favorite designers — what advice she has to help women feel confident, she shares some insight she learned when she first started working with a fitness trainer a few years back.

“I think it’s important to start with one, one part of your body you love, you know what I mean?” Rowland said. “If that’s your leg, your shoulders, your eyes, you have to love one part, and if there’s something you want to fix, fix it.”

As for Rowland, she knows exactly what parts she needs to focus on to feel most confident. “As far as working out and, you know, for me, I have to keep on my squats, because I like for my bum to sit high and I like for my thighs to be, you know, nice and taut like Serena Williams‘,” she shared.

But, although Rowland happily opened up to us about her album, her beauty regimen and more, there was one thing she kept her lips sealed about — and she thinks you should, too.

“I like for my perfume to be a secret,” she revealed. “I actually don’t tell anybody. I think that every woman should keep it a secret. When someone says, ‘Oh my God, you smell so good, what is that?,’ you just wink at them. That’s about it… that’s all you should tell them.”

Her lips are still zipped on her signature fragrance, but she did divulge that the base of her scent right now is “definitely Juicy Escape by Caress,” her favorite scent from the Fresh Body Wash collection (although Emerald Rush is a close second).

But, as for style and beauty advice in general, the “Fabulista” says the key is to be bold.

“If you want to try something new like, you know, with your style, with your makeup, with your hair, I just say dare to be different,” she remarked. “Take it, go for it! You know… try something fresh.”

To find out what Rowland had to say about Pharrell, other artists she’s collaborating with and how you can win a ton of great stuff from Caress, check out the video interview above.

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