*NSYNC reunion, or worst April Fools' joke ever?

Apr 1, 2014 at 6:02 p.m. ET

Every child of the '90s woke up to some good news on April 1, but it turns out Lance Bass was just messing with everyone.

Photo credit: TRY CW/WENN.com

The last year has been full of '90s reunions. Not only did *NSYNC reunite to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards, but just a few days ago, the Backstreet Boys hinted at a tour with the Spice Girls. So it wasn't that much of a surprise when, on Tuesday morning, *NSYNC's Lance Bass announced his band would again be reuniting. And this time, it would be for both a tour and new music.


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The tweet linked to Ryan Seacrest's website, with the full "announcement."

"*NSYNC are saying 'Bye Bye Bye' to their 12-year hiatus," the announcement read. "On Tuesday, the mega popular boy band — who came together for an epic medley performance at the MTV Video Music Awards last August — announced that they will be reuniting once again, but this time for a world tour and new music."

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The announcement also said one of those songs would be a collaboration with Miley Cyrus (a singer born in the decade that made *NSYNC famous — the 1990s). Coincidentally, even though the *NSYNC reunion was supposed to be the most important performance of the VMAs last year, Cyrus stole the spotlight with her performance.

But, after the (very long) announcement, the website revealed the news may not be everything their fans had always hoped for.

"*April Fools! The above story is just a fun fabrication … hope you had a good laugh with us."

Bass also tweeted later to clarify that his post was a joke.


Even though it was a very, very mean joke, fans still have hope the band may be reuniting again, one day.