Will Tamra and Morgan hook up? Mindy Project's Xosha Roquemore spills

Apr 1, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. ET

The Mindy Project is back! Danny and Mindy had their big moment last time, but will Morgan and Tamra ever get theirs?

The Mindy Project
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Ugh! We've watched The Mindy Project's Morgan and Tamra bounce off each other for so long now that we're ready for a new development. Will they end up together or will Tamra finally tell him to move on? The girl behind the always funny and slightly off-kilter character, Xosha Roquemore, told us that one way or another there will definitely be a turning point between the two.

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"Things are going to come to a head," Roquemore said. "Yeah. Things will definitely come to a head. I don't know if they're gonna hook up or not, but..."

Yep. We're still just as clueless as we were before we chatted with the star. Or are we? While she might not be willing to let any news slip, we did find this video:


Eek! We're totally rooting for them, especially after this. We love that Tamra is completely clothed but Morgan has stripped down to his tightie whities. Morgan is a seriously strange character, and we can't imagine another girl in the world who could possibly seem like a better fit. There's just so much about Tamra that makes you tilt your head in confusion. Morgan, however, always seems perfectly in step with what's going on in her mind.

Since we were able to nail down Roquemore for a few more questions, we were dying to find out more about all of The Mindy Project's incredibly famous and talented guest stars. Does Roquemore have a favorite?

"James Franco, for sure," Roquemore shared. "One, because it was really early on in the season, the first two episodes. So it was just an exciting time. Also, because a lot of the guest stars are part of Mindy's story lines because they're dating her or what-not, but Franco was in the office and we got to work a lot with him. So, it was a guest star I was really hands-on with and got to do some fun, fun stuff. So, I really liked him."

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Franco's time on The Mindy Project was pretty epic, even if it caused a little controversy over whether or not he was "raped." Franco's known for being big into improv, though, and we wondered if that threw off the cast at all. As luck would have it, that crew does a lot of improv, too. He was the perfect match for the show.

"We do a lot of improv on the show, so he just kind of added to that. He just kind of blended right in. He was really comfortable with what we do all the time," Roquemore said. She added that he really got into the improv, though. "No pranks, but he was getting crazy in the improvs. Falling all over the floor, spilling water on himself. He really went for it, which I love. It was so fun."

Oh, man. We would love to have been on the set to see those episodes go down. We'll settle for just seeing Morgan and Tamra finally end up together on The Mindy Project, though.

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