Vogue makeup artist reveals details about Kimye cover

Mar 28, 2014 at 9:51 a.m. ET

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been making headlines with their controversial Vogue cover photo shoot. So what was it like to work with the pair?

Vogue makeup artist reveals what it was like working with Kimye
Photo credit: WENN.com

Kim Kardashian has finally achieved her lifelong goal and nabbed the cover of Vogue alongside her baby daddy Kanye West. And the controversial April cover has already been stealing all the headlines, some good and some, well, not so good.

But if you were wondering what the reality TV star and her rapper beau were like to work with on a photo shoot, then you're in luck because Vogue makeup artist Aaron de Mey has revealed what went on behind the scenes.

First, Kardashian is not a bad mother, and her daughter North — whose appearance in Vogue has probably outshone that of her parents — did not wear any makeup during the shoot.

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The makeup expert revealed to Cosmopolitan.com that the tiny tot needed no makeup. "She didn't need it! She is such a little cutie," he revealed. And why would she? She's only a 9-month-old baby after all.

However, even though Kardashian is naturally good-looking, she did receive a little help to make her look cover ready. So what did she get done?

"She has amazing lashes, so I chose to play them up along with creating a smoky look with chocolates, browns, taupes, and a little bit of gold on the inner corner of her eyes to make her eyes pop," he said.

And if you were impressed by the mom-of-one's beauty on the cover, then you may be surprised to know her makeup usage was minimal. "She has such a beautiful complexion and I really wanted that to show through, so I kept the rest of her face super clean and minimal when it came to the makeup," de Mey revealed.

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So, what we're really wondering is whether there was any divalike behavior from Kardashian? It appears not. "She was very open to something different, but Grace [Coddington] wanted to simplify her look because Kim is naturally gorgeous," he confessed.

"Grace also had couture dresses made for her that were very sophisticated and ladylike, so we wanted to keep her look fresh and young — almost like a twist on the style. Plus, she had the baby and Kanye with her in the pictures, so I wanted her to look realistic and not too untouchable."

However, the "Bound 2" rapper was not as easy to work with because he wanted to ensure everything was pretty much perfect. (If the rumors that he begged for the cover are true, then we guess that makes sense.)

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"He thought that her makeup looked very beautiful, but definitely had opinions on the dresses and the styles he liked best, but it was in a supportive way — it was lovely to see them interact with each other."