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Liam Neeson recalls awkward sex scene in Woody Allen film

Liam Neeson recalls how he was filming an awkward sex scene in one of Woody Allen’s films when news of the relationship between Allen and his adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn broke.

Liam Neeson recalls awkward sex scene at the time of Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn scandal

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The world was not ready for Woody Allen and his adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn’s scandal in 1992. The scandalous news broke after the 78-year-old filmmaker’s long-term partner Mia Farrow discovered his secret stash of nude photos of Previn.

And Liam Neeson, the star of Allen’s movie at the time of the scandal, found himself involved in a very awkward sex scene because of it.

When the news broke that the critically acclaimed director was involved in a sexual relationship with his adopted daughter, Neeson was trying to get through a sex scene on Allen’s 1992 film Husbands and Wives — we can only imagine how awkward delaying a sex scene can be.

“There was one incident, people think I’ve made this up, but no. There’s a scene where I’m going down on Judy Davis, right. Judy and I are in bed — obviously covered up — and as I’m going down, Judy’s having this monologue in her head,” Neeson explained during an interview in the April issue of GQ magazine. “And the crew are all ready, and we’re waiting for Woody. No-show,” he added.

“It’s starting to get a bit uncomfortable — it’s a bed scene. Anyway, he came out after about 20 minutes and said, ‘Okay. Camera starts on Judy. Liam, I want to just see the top of your head. Okay, we know where you’re going…’ So there was no apology; nothing.”

So why was Allen so late and Neeson was left in a compromising position with Davis? “What happened: his lawyer had gotten in touch with him to say Ms. [Mia] Farrow has found naked photographs of her adopted daughter [Soon-Yi],” Neeson revealed.

Apart from awkward sex scenes in the Non-Stop actor’s career, his personal life was also dealt a devastating blow when he lost his wife Natasha Richardson to a skiing accident in Canada in 2009. And the Irish star‘s emotional side was on display when he spoke about how hard his life is without his wife.

“It’s still a day-to-day thing, you know? My boys are teenagers. They’re experimenting… You think, ‘F***. If Tasha was here, someone could share this,'” he said. “But yeah, we’re doing all right, you know?”

And Neeson does not plan on getting involved in a new relationship any time soon either.

“I’m keeping myself to myself. And I like it that way. I’m not hunting. I’m the opposite of a — what would a male cougar be? Is there such a thing? Whatever it is, I’m not that,” the star confessed.

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