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Noah‘s Emma Watson, Douglas Booth on their onscreen and offscreen chemistry

We sat down with these terrific young actors to find out what made their performances really sparkle.

We wanted to know what these young actors considered to be the biggest influence on their performances. For Emma Watson, it was very clear.

“Obviously, Darren [Aronofsky]. He really pushed both of us and gave such insightful and intelligent direction. He’s the kind of director you want to go to the limits for; he’s the kind of director you’re OK with not sleeping and being freezing cold and feel like you’re going crazy for because, when all is said and done, the finished result will be incredible.”

Douglas Booth agreed. “It’s the filmmakers who have given me the opportunities so far; they’re the ones pulling me forward. I work hard for them and I try to make them proud.”

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Playing a married couple sounds easy, but their characters, Shem and Ila, go through a lot together, including the possible end of humanity on earth. We asked how they made their onscreen marriage work.

“We were lucky because we’re friends in real life. We’ve know each other for seven or eight years before we did the movie together. I think that helped because we trusted each other,” said Watson. She continued, “We communicated really well. We experimented more. We care about each other anyway, so we didn’t have to force anything. I think that just helped.”

Booth then looked at Watson sweetly and said, “We were so comfortable. I fell asleep in your lap between takes. I was meant to wake up and say something. I just didn’t wake up.”

Watson then chimed in, protectively, “To be fair, it was four or five in the morning.” Now, that’s chemistry.

When we sat down to speak with actress Jennifer Connelly about the film, we asked her to weigh in on what Booth and Watson were like between takes. Her answer surprised us.

“I don’t know! I’m the wrong person to ask. Everyone was, from what I saw, very professional, worked really hard, did a great job in the movie, but we were all pretty busy doing our own things.”

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So much for getting the dirt from Jennifer.

Noah opens in theaters today.

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