VIDEO: Emma Stone approves Andrew Garfield's codpiece

Mar 26, 2014 at 7:22 p.m. ET

"With great power comes great responsibility," and Andrew Garfield felt the need to seek advice and comfort about the, ahem, prominent areas of his Spider-Man wardrobe from co-star Emma Stone.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
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How does Spider-Man keep himself feeling secure in his super-tight get-up? Well, he seeks approval from his nearest and dearest, of course.

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have embarked on their promotional journey for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Garfield recently sat down with Australian TV Show, The Project, to reveal that Stone is the key in keeping him feeling confident.

When asked how he keeps his package looking appropriate, Garfield answered: "It takes a lot of consideration because you don't want it to be overwhelming and also you don't want it to be underwhelming. You don't want it to intimidate and you don't want it to do the opposite of intimidate. So, yes, there is thought, but ultimately you have to trust that you have enough."

"Because with great power, comes great responsibility," interjected Stone.

"I had one focus group, and that focus group was Emma," Garfield continued. "She... approved."

Well, duh, she approves! Garfield and Stone have been an item since they filmed the first Amazing Spider-Man movie back in 2011. The two cozied up while shooting their movie after they had just moved on from other romances. Garfield had just broken up with Raising Hope actress Shannon Woodward, and Stone's relationship with Kieran Culkin had just ended as well.

So, what about all the kissing and make-out scenes they get to do together?

"It's pretty icky," said Stone. "It's equally bad (for both)," she joked.

And all joking aside, Garfield has actually pointed out before that love scenes are the most terrifying part of shooting with Stone for him.

"The romantic scenes are free falling, you know, as they should be," he said. "They have to be spontaneous and free, and terrifying because that's what first love is."

Garfield has said before that he would like Peter Parker to be gay. Maybe it's to sidestep his love scenes with Stone? Hmmm...

If the chemistry between Garfield and Stone in this interview serves as any indication, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is sure to be, well, amazing. It hits theaters May 2.