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EXCLUSIVE: What’s waiting when Mad Men‘s Joan disembarks?

In this exclusive Mad Men promo, we’re witnessing another Sterling Cooper original disembark from a plane. But where is Joan going and why is she smiling? Take a look at where we left her in Season 6 and what we hope for her in Season 7.

AMC is dragging out every tease they can ahead of the premiere of Mad Mens final (split) season. Today they sent off this brand-new clip of a pretty-in-pink Joan getting off the same TWA plane as her boss and buddy Don Draper. There’s not much to the clip we can dissect, but we’re still curious: What’s waiting for her off the tarmac?

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Joan (Christina Hendricks) ended Season 6 on a high note. She’s always had her finger on the pulse of the company and been able to coax almost anything out of anyone thanks to her good looks and charm. That’s how she landed her partnership, after all. However, as rewarding as getting the partnership was, it was also clearly a low point for Joan. She owned it, though, and found ways to sustain control over her life. She dated who she wanted, remained unfazed by Roger’s charm and even managed to pull in a major account on her own (much to the chagrin of her coworkers).

There was one small hiccup, though. Joan’s one true, non-sexual ally throughout the years has been Don and the Season 6 finale saw Don finally slip through the thin ice he’d been treading all season at the firm. If he’s really gone from the company for good, will Joan be able to truly flourish? Maybe… if Roger can get her back in bed. However, we think she’s risen above that.

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So, what’s next for Joan? Where is the office manager-turned-partner going? In the clip, she seems fairly happy coming down those stairs. But how long will that smile last?

Bad lucky rarely happens to Joan. Even during that weird health scare last season, she had a charming man to keep her company and it turned out to be nothing. Even when Joan’s marriage came to a screeching halt, it still worked out for the best for the redhead. We think her good luck will continue. Showrunner Matthew Wiener no doubt has love for each of the Mad Men characters. But, you’ll never convince us that Joan isn’t one of his absolute favorites. A true string of bad luck seems unlikely.

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Our hopes for Joan

We’d love to see her continue to flourish professionally by dropping the men. Like so many others, we’re all for a Joan and Peggy collaboration. Seeing the two ladies strike out on their own in an attempt to overtake the ad world would be brilliant and not entirely out of the question. Many of the newest stills for Mad Men Season 7 show the main team at the airport. However, they never appear together in that way you’d expect from friends and business partners. Perhaps Season 7 will show Peggy and Joan going head-to-head with a solo Don, and even clash with the remainder of SC&P.

It’s all just conjecture, though. Where do you think Joan is going?

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