5 Switched at Birth finale questions to ponder until summer

We take a closer look at the Switched at Birth Season 3 spring finale and ponder a few questions that will keep fans occupied until the show’s return on June 16.

Switched at Birth Season 3 spring finale

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There was a lot of happiness and a little bit of sorrow to be found at the end of the Switched at Birth Season 3 spring finale, “Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows.” The title is pretty much a synopsis of the episode as Bay was definitely seduced by love, pleasure nearly entrapped Toby in a directionless marriage and remorse followed Regina after she was tricked by her boss.

Now that the finale is over, there are a number of questions fans will be asking themselves until the show returns this summer.

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What about Tank?

At the end of the spring finale, Bay and Emmett rekindled their romance after she comforted him following his torment. Making love under the moonlight is incredibly romantic and surely all the “Bemmett” fans rejoiced, but there’s one other person to consider in all this: Tank. The big guy may have had some faults but he’s done nothing but treat Bay with the utmost respect. How will he handle it when he finds out that she cheated on him? And how will Bay deal with the fact that she herself is now a cheater, too?

Why Iceland?

Toby was devastated after he realized that he and his wife Nikki no longer had the same goals. They had no choice but to break off their marriage and though it was a difficult decision, it was also the right one. After a fleeting moment of self-doubt where Toby thought he might want to follow his wife to Peru, he ultimately decided on another destination instead. Why did Toby pick Iceland? Has it been a lifelong dream of his to go there or was it simply a decision made on the fly? What will he find once he gets there and will he decide to stay forever?

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Will Regina earn back trust?

Regina thought she found the perfect job and the perfect boss when she began working for Wes, but soon the truth came out and he demonstrated what kind of guy he really was. Regina was naive enough to be fooled by him, but it was much worse when she found out that she had also led her friends astray. She stood up for herself in the end, but it appeared to be too late when a rock came flying through her window with a threatening note on it. Can Regina gain back the trust of those she cares about in her old neighborhood?

Will Daphne actually become a doctor?

Daphne is still young so it’s no surprise that she has tried out a few vocations in the past couple years. She once had dreams of being a chef, but an accident at the clinic led her to believe that medicine was her true calling. But when she had to deal with a patient she feared, it looked like she might let that dream go as well. In the end, she fought her fears and kept moving forward toward her desire to be a doctor. Will she keep that dream or is she destined to find another path in life?

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Will Kathryn’s book become a hit?

Kathryn found herself lost at the beginning of this season and even had thoughts of divorcing her husband so that she could carve out a new life for herself. Happily, she was able to find her joy without losing her husband when she found a new purpose. Her book has been a challenge for her, but will it also end up a triumph?

What questions will you be pondering while waiting for Switched at Birth Season 3 to return this summer?


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