Judge Joe Brown arrested for contempt after "riot" in court

Mar 24, 2014 at 7:41 p.m. ET

In a peculiar series of events, Judge Joe Brown finds himself behind bars today after showing up for a court hearing he may have had nothing to do with.

Judge Joe Brown
Photo credit: Rachel Worth/WENN

Judge Joe Brown brought a whole new meaning to his catchphrase, "This is so doggone silly," today.

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Brown, whose court reality TV show ran from 1998-2013, was sitting behind bars for contempt of court after causing a ruckus in someone else's courtroom in Shelby County Juvenile Court, ABC News is reporting. And in a strange hook to the story, the not-so-honorable judge had no apparent reason to even be present at the child support hearing where the whole scene went down.

ABC News confirmed with a spokesperson for the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Chip Washington, that the former Judge Joe Brown star had been taken to the Memphis jail and was being held on contempt charges.

"Right now, he's being processed at our facility. That's about it for right now," said Washington, who also added that Brown's sentence so far had been set at five days in jail.

Tennessee newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, reported shortly after that Brown had, in fact, been released around 6:55 p.m. local time. It hasn't been made clear yet whether or not Brown will serve his five-day sentence at a later date.

According to Juvenile Court Chief Magistrate Dan Michael, Brown was arrested after he began yelling at Juvenile Court Magistrate Harold "Hal" Horne. Brown, 66, who is running for Shelby County District Attorney, arrived at the court around 1 p.m. and began shaking hands and soliciting votes, according to Michael.

After making his rounds, Brown then sat in the courtroom for 20 minutes before approaching the bench and complaining about delays. "He then began a diatribe against Mr. Horne and the authority of the court," said Michael. "He all but had the courtroom in a riot."

Believe it or not, Brown is not the first famous TV judge to find himself on the wrong side of the law. In March of last year, Judge Judy was sued for over $500,000 worth of French china she reportedly snagged from her producer. During that same month, her son, Adam Levy, found himself in hot water over a child rape case. Levy, who is also a prominent attorney, was accused of trying to deter an investigation involving the rape of a 12-year-old girl.

What do you think of Judge Brown's behavior? Is it the result of feeling a bit too comfortable in a courtroom? Or is something else going on?