POLL: Could The Vampire Diaries' Enzo be Caroline's forever?

Mar 22, 2014 at 12:29 a.m. ET

Caroline's got quite the juggling act of men this season on The Vampire Diaries. First Jesse, then Tyler and Klaus, and it looks a lot like Enzo is going to be added into the mix. But will he be the one to make it last?

Will Caroline and Enzo hook up on The Vampire Diaries?
Photo credit: The CW

Last week on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline (Candice Accola) and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) had quite the series of interludes that ended with them on a mission to find another Stefan (Paul Wesley) dopplegänger in Atlanta. Together. Alone. If that doesn't scream impending couple alert, here are a few other signs that point to romance.

Caroline has a thing for bad boys

Tyler and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) both have their dark streaks, which means Enzo is Caroline's perfect brand of guy. She likes them with a bit of an edge, and Enzo seems like the kind of guy who could handle a girl like Caroline. She's feisty, so a pushover won't do. If we've learned anything about Enzo so far, it's that the dude has a willpower like no other. He survived the Augustine Society, after all.

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Enzo is a good guy at heart

If it weren't for the Augustine Society, he would be a decent, albeit blood-loving, vampire. Remember, he is the one who helped Damon (Ian Somerhalder) escape Dr. Whitmore by sacrificing his own rations of blood to help Damon grow stronger.

They could use a little happiness

They're young, attractive and single. Plus, they've had it rough. They already have so much in common. Caroline hasn't had the best luck with men so far. Sure, the thing with Tyler was good for a while, and the thing with Klaus was good for a really, really short while, but she could use a guy who's going to stick with her. Enzo, as he's clearly demonstrated with Damon, is loyal to a fault when it comes to those he cares about.

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Though, admittedly, there may also be a few hitches in this plan of everlasting vampire love for these two.

Klaus and Tyler

These guys definitely gave us an indication regarding Caroline's type of man, though her relationships with both hardly prove to be that simple. Neither guy has left her life. To put it lightly, she has some unresolved baggage. Tyler has barely, kinda, not really, forgiven her from her bout with Klaus, and she hasn't even seen Klaus since their elusive hookup. It will be tricky to add in another guy with so many loose ends in other relationships.

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Dopplegänger Stefan

A mission to assassinate an innocent guy doesn't really have the makings of an everlasting romance. But we don't think Caroline will be so eager to do the travelers' business. We don't know Enzo well enough to make a positive call, be we think he'll do whatever needs to be done to keep himself and his good pal Damon safe. That could pose some tension between these two.

There's also a chance that in Caroline's mission to save Stefan's dopplegänger, she falls in love with him rather than Enzo. Wouldn't that be interesting given rumors have abounded that Caroline and Stefan are destined for romance since he split with Elena.

Enzo's past relationship with Maggie

Enzo has some loose ends of his own, though he doesn't know it yet. Thanks to the announcement that a new character is joining the show, we know Enzo will be getting a blast from the past in the form of his past love Maggie. If you'll remember, Enzo and Maggie fell in love while he was being held by Dr. Whitmore. Her entrance into the show could be simply through flashbacks, but we highly doubt it. Odds are the former Augustine Society med student managed to get herself turned into a vampire and will be back to surprise Enzo in an upcoming episode. This could dampen any romance with Caroline.