Italian nun kills it on The Voice

Mar 21, 2014 at 10:31 p.m. ET

A 25-year-old nun took to the stage for Italy's version of The Voice and brought the house down in true Sister Act style.


Not since Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act has the world seen such an inspiring and energetic performance by a woman in a full traditional habit.

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In the most shocking thing to happen to The Voice since CeeLo leaving, an Italian crowd got a heartwarming treat recently. Cristina Scuccia belted her heart and soul out on the stage of The Voice of Italy, much to the elation of everyone who witnessed it. The 25-year-old nun is a member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family, USA Today reported, and boy can she sing.

Sister Scuccia performed an Italian version of Alicia Keys' "No One," and instantly the flabbergasted crowd was cheering and on its feet. Within a couple moments, all of the show's judges had turned around to claim the songstress as part of their own team.

The only thing more amazing than Sister Scuccia's singing voice is the reaction of the judges as they turn around and are immediately astonished at the source of the music filling their ears. Tattooed rapper J-Ax was so moved his eyes were visibly glistening with tears.

The young nun wasn't without a cheering section, either. Four of her fellow sisters watched from backstage and jumped up and down with excitement as the judges turned their chairs around.

"Yes, I am truly, truly a sister," she said when she was done performing. "I came here because I have a gift, and I want to share that gift. I am here to evangelize."

According to Perez Hilton's translation of the interview after she was done singing, one judge asked the nun what she thought the Vatican would think of her performance. "I hope that Pope Francis will call me now," she replied. Talent and a sense of humor!

The biography provided by The Voice of Italy says that Sister Scuccia's "childhood dream was to become a singer, in 2008 the Orsolina Sisters organize a music hall in which she finds herself by chance. A non-believer, and against the Church... she instead finds love."

While Sister Scuccia may not have a whole lot in common with the most recent winner of America's The Voice, her story is easy to relate to and very human.

What a beautiful story and amazing talent. We look forward to Sister Scuccia being the next viral flying nun singing sensation.

Video credit: The Voice of Italy