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SPOILERS: Switched at Birth‘s Vanessa Marano shares finale deets

Switched at Birth star Vanessa Marano chats with us about what she loves about Bay, her favorite scenes to shoot with co-star Katie Leclerc and drops some big hints about the Season 3 finale.

Switched at Birth Season 3 has been a roller-coaster ride for every character on the show, none more so than Bay. From finding out that Ty had (apparently) cheated on her to injuring her hand and possibly losing her ability to do art, Bay has had it rough this season.

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In a recent episode, Bay finally found out that Ty didn’t really cheat on her, which was a big moment, according to Marano. “That’s a big deal for Bay because she gets cheated on a lot. So for her to realize that somebody didn’t cheat on her kind of throws her head into a tornado of confusion.”

Bay’s had her fair share of breakups on the show, probably due to her very strong personality. It’s a trait that Marano admires about her character. “[Bay]’s not the easiest person to get along with. She’s very honest about who she is, though, which I love about her. She’s like, ‘Hey, take me or leave me, good or bad, this is who I am.'”

Bay’s injury to her hand caused big problems for her and Marano said that she’s not nearly out of the woods yet, even after her surgery.

“She’s always had art. Art has always been there for her and never let her down and now she can’t paint, she can’t draw, she is also having trouble signing. There’s a lot of drama surrounding the hand.”

One thing that has actually been going well this season for Bay is her relationship with her sister Daphne. Unlike last season, where they fought a lot, the two have been getting along pretty well. Believe it or not, Marano misses the fights, but not for the reason you might think.

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“I love Katie Leclerc with a fiery passion — probably she should get a restraining order,” Marano joked.

“[But] we only have scenes together when Daphne and Bay are fighting, so I’m partial to it because that’s when we actually get a chance to work together and have fun together.”

Something that wasn’t nearly as fun for Marano was finding out about the dance episode that aired earlier this season. “I thought it was a joke,” Marano admitted. “Because it’s been a joke since the pilot because I can’t sing or dance.

“So I wasn’t excited, which I think made everybody more into it because everybody loves when I’m not excited about things,” Marano added with a laugh. “The poor choreographer had to deal with me stepping on Sean’s feet and me falling.”

As for the Season 3 finale, Marano was excited to talk about one scene in particular. But be warned, it sounds like it won’t be an easy one to watch.

“One memorable scene wasn’t my favorite to shoot — it was probably my least favorite to shoot because of the circumstances,” Marano teased. “I’m just going to say it was cold. That’s all I’m going to say, but it’s the most memorable scene of the finale. It’s the last scene of the finale and I think people are going to freak out.”

How will fans feel at the end of the finale? Be prepared for a mixture of feelings. “As far as Bay goes, it’s kind of a cliff-hanger. They’re gonna kind of be surprised. I think they’re gonna be surprised that they’re feeling angry or that they’re happy, because they’re probably going to feel both emotions at the same time,” Marano said.

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Marano promised that other characters will have some shocking moments in the finale as well. “There [are] definitely some crazy moments with Daphne in the finale and Lucas [Grabeel]’s storyline — he has a great scene in the finale that I’m really excited for everybody to see.”

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