INTERVIEW: I Didn’t Do It‘s Olivia Holt, Austin North
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Olivia Holt and Austin North, stars of I Didn’t Do It, talk all about what’s to come for Lindy and Logan during Season 1.

I Didn't Do It - Olivia Holt and Austin North

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SheKnows spoke to Disney Channel’s I Didn’t Do It‘s Olivia Holt and Austin North (who play Lindy and Logan) on the set of the series and dished on what fans can expect during Season 1.

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Think you know Lindy, Logan and the rest of the characters on the show so far? Be ready for both characters to move in different directions as the season draws to a close. “There [are] a lot of character changes throughout the season, and toward the end of the season, you see more of a character change,” Holt teased.

Relationships will play a big part in the final episodes as well, according to Holt. “You get to see the character depth between the relationships in the show, not only between brother and sister but between friends.”

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And while the cast couldn’t reveal too much, the entire season is apt to lead up to a finale you shouldn’t miss.

In the meantime, why not get to know the stars of the show a little better? For instance, North reveals his go-to karaoke song (which will surprise you!) and even the show he would love to be a part of. And as for Holt? Find out who her biggest celebrity crush is (hint: his older brother got into a little social media trouble recently) and some pretty interesting things that completely turn her off.

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Get to know I Didn’t Do It’s Austin North and Olivia Holt.

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