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In response to Kylie Minogue’s “Sexercize”: Time to retire the leotard?

Kylie Minogue may be nearly three decades into her music career, but she’s breaking new ground this week with the release of her racy “Sexercize” video. There’s no doubt the Aussie poptress looks amazing but was such an explicit video really necessary? Let’s discuss.

Kylie Minogue "Sexercize" video

If you keep hearing random thuds today and can’t pinpoint the source, don’t worry — it isn’t the apocalypse. It’s simply the sound of jaws all over the world hitting the floor in response to Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue’s just-released “Sexercize” video.

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Disclaimer: This video contains graphic content not suitable for the workplace, or pretty much any public place. And especially not in any space one or both of your parents are occupying with you.
In what may be the raunchiest workout video ever — sorry, Carmen Electra… your aerobic striptease just got owned — Minogue spends roughly three minutes writhing around in a white leotard and sky-high red stilettos. Her sexy antics include posing provocatively on a pommel horse, twerking on an exercise ball and grating her derriere up and down a wire fence.

But here’s the rub (couldn’t resist) — Minogue is 45 years old. Isn’t she a little too old to be pulling a stunt like this? Don’t get us wrong. We completely applaud Minogue for refusing to give into the societal double standard of “only men get hotter with age.” Her body is bangin’. So much so it almost makes us want to give her sexercize moves a try. Almost.

Still, we just can’t quite wrap our heads around such bawdy moves coming from someone we’ve been listening to for so long. Case in point? Madonna. Her risque behavior was part of her appeal in her heyday, but it kind of just makes everyone uncomfortable now that she’s 55. Is there an age at which overtly sexual behavior crosses the threshold from daring to desperate? Or is a woman’s twerk never done?

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We’re of the opinion that the whole twerky-leotard-sex-on-a-stick act is kind of overplayed at this point. Miley Cyrus has done it to death (to death, girl, it’s time to give up the ghost). Beyoncé has toyed with it, too, causing a particular stir with “Partition,” her latest effort.
So what’s the difference between what stars like Beyoncé and Cyrus are doing and what Minogue is doing with “Sexercize”? The obvious answer here would be the age factor, but what seems more noticeable to us is the pretense behind the video. While we assume Beyoncé and Cyrus are doing it for the shock value and in some perceived nod to modern feminism, Minogue says her video is supposed to be “tongue in cheek.”

Is it, though? Not only is it overwhelmingly sexual in nature, but Minogue seems pretty committed to the concept — she has even launched, where you can view more steamy interpretations of the saucy song.

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Do you think Minogue’s “Sexercize” movement is a step forward for female empowerment, or a big bounce, bounce, bounce in the wrong direction?

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