VIDEO: Justin Timberlake's new song is definitely "Not a Bad Thing"

Mar 20, 2014 at 3:07 p.m. ET

Justin Timberlake's new video debuted on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and it is all about couple love and finding the two people that got engaged on a train to one of his songs.

Justin Timberlake
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Giving the exclusive to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Justin Timberlake debuted his new video for "Not a Bad Thing," where he looks for a couple who got engaged on a train.

Timberlake's new video is a tribute to couple love and is about a man who proposed to his sweetheart on a train from Long Island to New York on Jan. 12. However, no one knows who the couple is, and Timberlake wants to find them.

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"The video is based on a true story of a guy that proposed to his girlfriend a few weeks ago on a train and who used this song," Ellen says upon introducing the video. "But, Justin hasn't been able to find the couple, so this song is actually a search for them."

The video begins with a dramatization of the proposal between the wanted couple and goes on to detail how two people are making a documentary on finding the lovebirds. In between the search scenes, the video features different couples talking about their own love and how they feel about the train proposal.

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"Love is not something you can really look for — it's not scripted, it just happens," one man said. "I think when you publicly propose to someone it really inspires love all around," said a woman.

The search continues, but no luck on finding the missing lovers.

"I think love is an attachment, and I found that I was so attached to my lady that I couldn't love anyone else," another man said about his girl.

"I think this couple is inspiring," one of the documentarists added about the train couple. "I think their story is a reminder that romance isn't dead and that you can look around and see love everywhere."

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The video ends with the documentarists getting ready to knock on a door that could possibly belong to the now-famous engaged couple. But, before the door opens, the camera pans to black and a message appears, saying, "To be continued."

Apparently, the "Not a Bad Thing" couple hasn't been found yet.

"Obviously, if you know this couple, contact us," Ellen said following the video presentation. "Because Justin is trying to find you and we'll put you all together."

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