The Face‘s Afiya blogs: Clearing tables on the runway

Week 2 of The Face brought all-new challenges to the “modeltestants” — and one difficult elimination.

The Face "modelestant" Afiya Bennett shares her first exclusive blog post with SheKnows!
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Week 2 of The Face brought all-new challenges to the “modeltestants” — and one difficult elimination.

We started off this episode with Naomi upset about being forced to eliminate a woman of color from the competition. I completely understand why Naomi was upset because she of all people knows firsthand that it is hard to be a successful model of color in the fashion industry. So to be put in a situation where she was forced to remove one of the few who actually made it on the show was heartrending. If I was in the situation I would have definitely been upset as well.

It was an honor working with Tyson Beckford because I remember admiring his career as an aspiring model. I vividly remember him in the Ralph Lauren campaign and acknowledging his outstanding success as a model. Although he is male, I still saw a part of myself in his career, like, “If he can do it, so can I.”

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Modeling in the latex skirt was far more difficult than any of the girls made it seem. We literally could not move anything above the knee and the shoes were not only extremely uncomfortable to walk in but the steps up and down the runway were added obstacles. Thankfully, I was able to conquer that particular runway. I was so flattered that Tyson thought I had an amazing presence on the runway. Hearing that from him definitely keeps me encouraged and reminds me of why I continue to pursue my dream.

Pamella Roland is an amazing designer, so to be working with her on a campaign is incredible because by doing well it will only create further opportunities for the future. Her dresses are amazing because they cater to all ages. Nothing comes to mind but excitement at the idea of the winning team owning one of her dresses and bags! We have to do this.

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The Face, episode 2

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Walking on the dinner-table runway was extremely difficult because not only was the runway narrow and filled with dinner set for 40, but I had the heaviest and longest dress of all the girls. It was expected that I would knock down a few things on the table with the dress I was given but not the whole table! All I could ask myself was, “How am I gonna make it down the runway in this dress without knocking anything down? It’s impossible!” When I asked Naomi what to do, she said, “Keep your head up and walk proud.” I think I wore that dress well, I never stopped walking, and kept my head up high and proud. That is some of the best advice I was ever given.

I was devastated that my team didn’t win. Losing a team member is always unfortunate, but it just means I have to step up even more because now my chances of going home go up if I mess up. There is no room for error next week.


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