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If you love Charli XCX, then you’ll love Allie X

Ready to hear your new summer obsession? Her name is Allie X and we’ve got a fatal attraction to her new track, “Prime.”
Officially over last summer’s obsession with Lorde’s “Royals” and looking for something new to get you through the wet, clingy spring and straight into a sizzling summer? Try Allie X’s killer new single, “Prime.”

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“Prime” is everything wonderful about pop music and it’s perfect for setting the mood in whatever dark room it’s being played. The single is filled with jarring synthy sounds to make hips twitch and heads roll. Allie X’s voice is ’80s Day-Glo happiness served with a side of sassy. Mix them together and what Allie X offers is four minutes of intergalactic dancing… or biting your lip in the corner.

Are you hooked yet? That’s what we thought.

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Believe it or not, this Canadian wonder is still unsigned talent. We doubt she’ll remain that way for long, though. She was drop-kicked onto millions of radars earlier this month when none other than Katy Perry pimped out Allie X’s first single, “Catch.”

The brilliance that is “Catch” turned plenty of heads and taught many of Allie’s “Xistence.” The song taps into current pop music’s obsession with late ’80s and early ’90s throwback sounds, but twists it into something more modern. Allie X cuts through the sweetness of her voice with a breathiness, capitalizing on the song’s hook, “Wait until I catch my breath.” Even as the twinkling synth builds and the music takes new shape, “Catch” remains simple and, yeah, catchy.

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“Catch” would have easily pulled in plenty of new fans. It’s a great song that fits perfectly into music’s current tech obsession. But, it’s two shots in the torso to one in the head for “Prime.” “Prime” is the killer track that should take Allie X from “girl Katy Perry likes” to full-blown pop star by the end of the summer.

She took us out in one “Prime” shot. How long will you last before you fall, too?

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