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VIDEO: Hope you’re happy! Kate Gosselin’s TLC comeback

Kate Gosselin has wormed her way back into reality television once again. Just when you thought you’d seen the last of her and her eight children on TLC, something special has been announced.

Kate Gosselin is making a comeback on TLC. The network that first introduced us to the sharp-tongued mother of twins and sextuplets with Jon & Kate Plus 8 is bringing her and the kids back for an upcoming one-hour special.

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Celebrating the big news on Twitter, the ex-wife of Jon Gosselin wrote:

“I grew up watching your family! I can’t wait to see how you’ve been,” one person wrote to the former coupon blogger, which she retweeted. Another added, “Well, look at that. Good things do come to those who wait.”

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As you might imagine, though, not everyone is thrilled to hear the 38-year-old and her kids will be back on the small screen.

“You humiliated the twins on The Today Show & The View,” one Twitter user commented in reply to the announcement. “Are you forcing them to perform on this show as well?”

Another user questioned, “What r u up 2 now?????? Dying to get [your] faces on TV,” before referencing her ex’s disapproval of his children being on television by adding, “[Your] husband is right.”

Dodging the comment with kill-them-with-kindness style, Kate Gosselin replied, “I’m single. Haven’t been married for over 4 years now! So glad ur happy we are back! We’re all happy here, that’s 4 sure!”

Will you be watching Kate Gosselin’s one-hour special? Why or why not?

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