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Pretty Little Liars cast tells us what to look forward to in Season 5

After a killer finale, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Liars in Season 5. Luckily, SheKnows was on the red carpet to get some answers from the stars of Pretty Little Liars.

The Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale had us gasping on the edge of our seats and left us wanting more. This isn’t unusual. The writers and developers of this show know how to keep the mystery going and keep their fans coming back. They are the best at leaving us with questions that will torment us during the show’s hiatus.

Luckily for us addicted fans, SheKnows was on the red carpet at the PaleyFest to get some answers from the show’s producers and the cast. Secrets were revealed, and we were able to get an insight into some plaguing questions.

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We’ve been holding our breaths, but it’s definitely been confirmed that Tyler Blackburn is coming back to PLL. Thank the TV gods, because man, do we miss that face! Ravenswood is no place for a guy like that anyway.

After the finale, we couldn’t stop wondering if Ezra would be back for the next season. But Ian Harding confirmed that he did, in fact, sign a contract for Season 5! Harding didn’t give too many details about what’s in store, but he did promise it would be “narly.”

And it looks like Ali will have a more permanent spot in the circle of friends, which will certainly change the dynamic of the group, but to what end? Sasha Pieterse, who plays Ali, says she believes Ali will have a lot of good in her now and won’t be the mean girl we’ve all come to know. But of course, the writers will have to see what the fans want. Do we really want Ali to be a “good girl?”

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Watch the video above to catch all the secrets, teasers and interviews with Harding, Pieterse and Lucy Hale.

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