8 Best Frozen lip-synch videos

Disney’s latest animated release, Frozen, has taken the world by storm (or should we say blizzard?). It has become so popular, in fact, that a boatload of people lip-synching its songs have popped up online. Here are the ones we can’t stop watching.


When Texas husband-and-wife Sam and Nia decided to upload a video of themselves lip-synching “Love is an Open Door” from Disney’s Frozen, the high-school sweethearts probably thought it would be seen by some friends and family. A couple hundred people at most, you know? Well, 6 million views later, the obnoxiously adorable duo’s effort is still going strong. ‘Twas the lip-synch that started it all.


Don’t get us wrong… we love Sam and Nia’s take. But, um, we kind of love twins Josh and Ben Goldfarb’s version even better. Seriously, they nail it. When they decided to parody Sam and Nia, they totally committed — note the apathetic chick in the backseat. Plus, they get brownie points for not labeling themselves “good-looking” in their own video like Sam and Nia did.

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This little girl is off-the-charts adorable lip-synching “Let It Go,” and — wait for it — she’s only 3 years old! According to the video description by her parents (we’re assuming, while also guessing they are at least amateur videographers), she came up with that killer choreography by herself. You go, girl.


This family of Disney fanatics decided to give “Love is an Open Door” a shot, too. First, could they be any cuter? Is it some rule of the universe that couples who lip-synch this song must be annoyingly attractive? Second, the video description says the entire Frozen soundtrack plays on repeat in their car, and we believe it. Lastly, I’d like to transplant this chick’s super-cute hair onto my head, please and thank you.

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Straying from the formula a bit, this charming couple put together a “Love is an Open Door” parody in what looks like their den. The total scene stealer here, of course, is this dude with those super-suave dance moves. His open-door hand gesture alone is worth the two minutes it’ll take you to watch this.


Full disclaimer: The lip-synching here isn’t perfect. I mean, sure, there are times when the little girl in pigtails misses her cue and times when the two mix up their parts. But honestly, they’re so stinkin’ cute, we just don’t care. It’s an impressive effort coming from two ladies as little as these, and it’s chock so full of precociousness that it’s impossible not to smile when you watch it.

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What’s not to love about this version of “Love is an Open Door”? These guys are giggly and precious and so spot-on and enthusiastic, we just wish we could put ’em in our pocketbook and take ’em home. White-shirt’s facial expressions slay us, and the pair’s “mental synchronization” pantomiming is epic.


Wow… we’d be impressed with this kid’s abilities alone, but he really upped the lip-synching ante by deciding to tackle “Let It Go” — in too many different languages to count (OK, fine, we were just to lazy to). The song itself is beautiful, his lip-synching skills are top-notch and, most notably, hearing the lyrics presented in such a linguistic melting pot kind of way really blows us away.

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This may not be a lip-synching video, but it was simply too cool not to include. Hoping to remind all of the lip-synchers out there of the original Disney magic Frozen‘s songs have, performer Brian Hull sings “Let It Go” in the voices of a bunch of iconic Disney characters, like Goofy and even Scuttle from The Little Mermaid. Fun concept, great execution. We’re officially fans, Hull!

Be sure to grab Frozen for your kids to enjoy at home! The DVD and Blu-ray is in stores now.