EXCLUSIVE CLIP: The Face‘s Naomi Campbell is pissed

In an exclusive clip from the second season of The Face, Naomi Campbell loses her temper backstage, accusing her fellow judges of manipulation and racism in the latest elimination.

Even if you’re a stranger to the world of fashion models, chances are you’ve heard of Naomi Campbell. If you’ve heard the name, then you’ve also heard that the overbearing beauty is not a woman that you want to mess with, especially on her own TV show.

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The second season of Oxygen’s The Face has barely begun, and already Campbell is being accused of bullying by a contestant who claimed she needed therapy to deal with the mental trauma.

In an exclusive clip from the third episode, airing on March 19, Campbell is once again upset. This time she is taking her anger out on fellow judges Anne V and Lydia Hearst.

Though it might appear that Campbell’s anger is more than just a temper tantrum this time. She is not happy that two women of color were placed up for elimination at the same time. In the clip, Campbell calls the elimination the “most horrific” one she’s ever done and says she hopes she never has to do another like it again, ever.

“To have two women of color up for elimination, I’m very disappointed with Anne and Lydia,” Campbell says as she joins the rest of the models and the other judges.

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“I have no words for you Lydia. None. Absolutely none,” Campbell tells Lydia. She then accuses Anne of playing on her heartstrings to keep one model in the competition. When the judges tell Campbell that her accusations are uncalled for, Campbell’s reply is, “What are you going to do about it?”


The accusations are serious ones, which makes one wonder what happens next. Did the two judges manipulate Campbell into eliminating a model that she didn’t want to see leave? Would Campbell have made her decision differently if the women weren’t of color?

The only way to get answers to these questions is to watch the next episode of The Face… and be ready for some fireworks.