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VIDEO: Is Kris Jenner being blackmailed with a sex tape?

Scary times for Kris Jenner, who is being blackmailed by an anonymous man claiming to have a sex tape of the Kardashian matriarch.

And we thought Chris Brown was having a bad month.

The Kardashian clan continues their streak of bad luck this March. First Khloé and Kourtney were robbed, then Kim was in a car accident. Now mama Kris Jenner is battling blackmail attempts and a stalker.

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An anonymous man claiming to have a sex tape starring none other than Jenner is claiming to go public with the naughty video if Jenner doesn’t pay up, according to Radar Online.

The disturbing blackmailer can also be classified as a stalker at this point. The family claims he has called Jenner over 100 times in the past week and is sending text messages as well. He’s also made it known that he is aware of her whereabouts. Apparently, when Jenner was dining out, she received a text from the unidentified male asking, “Are you enjoying the restaurant?” Um, she might have been enjoying it up until she received that creepy text.

The family has shown concern for Jenner’s safety and is now working with the authorities. They have also increased security surrounding the mom/manager.

LAPD may have to soon add a Kardashian Task Force division. On March 3, Khloe‘s home was burglarized and she found herself $250,000 poorer. Not long after, sister Kourtney’s home was also broken into and $50,000 was taken from that residence. Officials are working the case on an ongoing basis, and some sources say that the robbery may have been an inside job.

Recently, middle sister Kim found herself in a bit of hot water when she was pulled over while trying to evade paparazzi, and just last Tuesday she was involved in a minor car accident.

What do you think of the Kardashian’s recent run of bad luck? Do you think the Kris Jenner sex tape really exists? If it does, would you watch it in all its cougarlicious glory?

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