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INTERVIEW: Cristin Milioti on her favorite HIMYM scene to film

The How I Met Your Mother finale is here. Though we’ve only officially known The Mother for one season, we’ve fallen in love about as fast as Ted Mosby. How does Cristin Milioti feel about HIMYM fans?

SheKnows caught up with Cristin Milioti on the PaleyFest red carpet just a week before tonight’s How I Met Your Mother series finale, and we had plenty of questions for the girl we’ve grown to love in the last year. How did being so immediately loved make Milioti feel, and does she have a favorite moment from her one complete season on the show? She kindly shared her answers.

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“They’re the warmest people. They’re so welcoming,” Milioti said about her cast mates.

Milioti loves them as much as we do and we’ve quickly grown to love her just as much. She had to feel some pressure coming onto the show and knowing how much HIMYM fans immediately loved her.

“I didn’t know. I’m not on any social media or anything and I do not go looking to see if people are in love. So I didn’t know,” Milioti told us. “But I will say that the fan interactions so far have been lovely and people have been very supportive.”

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How could she not know she was going to be so loved? It turns out, she hadn’t really watched the series before getting the job. She had no idea what she was getting herself into.

“Not until I finished the last episode, ’cause I binge-watched all of them,” Milioti shared. “I didn’t finish all of the seasons until I was about three episodes in. And as soon as I saw that final train station scene I was like, ‘Ohhhh, no!’ I had no idea what this was.”

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If Milioti didn’t win our hearts at that first scene in the train station, or later when she met Lily, she did soon enough. It turns out her favorite scene to film was also our favorite scene of hers thus far.

“Playing ukelele and singing in front of the whole crew. And Josh [Radnor] was there,” Milioti said. “That was really amazing.”

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That scene was gorgeous and one she only knew might come when she learned to play “La Vie en Rose.” She picked up the ukelele while performing in Once on Broadway, but when the show runners told her that they might want her to play that song in particular, she quickly learned it so she’d be ready for the scene. Not only was she ready, but she blew us away. We’ll be just as sad to see Milioti and The Mother say farewell tonight as we will to say goodbye to the rest of the amazing cast of How I Met Your Mother.

What’s your favorite scene with The Mother?

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