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INTERVIEW: Which HIMYM cast member took the blue French horn?

“Stealing” props from a set after your show finally ends is a longstanding tradition. What did the How I Met Your Mother gang steal from their set?

After five, seven or nine years working on a set, that place begins to feel like another home for the actors who work there. When a show finally ends, it only makes sense to want to take a piece of that home with you when you go. Now that filming for the final season of How I Met Your Mother has wrapped, we’re dying to know what the cast “stole” from the set. During red carpet interviews for PaleyFest, we were able to catch a few answers.

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“I got the one thing I really wanted, which was the red English telephone booth that was on the piano,” Alyson Hannigan told us. “And I took Lily’s art stuff and one of her paintings. And a sign from the bar.”

While these days, Lily is working for the Captain as his personal art buyer, there was a time when she took her painting way more seriously. Remember when she and Marshall broke up so she could chase those dreams? We’re so glad to see things ending on a happy note for them. We’re sure Lilypad is still painting away in Italy.

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When it came to real romance, though, nothing was quite as charming or creepy than when Ted stole the blue French horn from the restaurant and presented it to Robin. We’re still holding out hope that when the complete series is released on DVD later this year, it will come in a box shaped like that blue French horn.

After playing such a pivotal role in the How I Met Your Mother stories, we were dying to know if the instrument ended up in the hands of one of the actors or showrunners, or if it was boxed up for archives. As it turns out, we got our answer from Ted himself, Josh Radnor, when we asked him if he took anything from the set.

“Yes. I had one request and Carter and Craig very kindly gave it to me,” Radnor shared. “I asked for the blue French horn and I got the blue French horn.”

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That makes perfect sense! One question we didn’t get answered: Did they archive all Barney’s suits, or did they just give them all to Neil Patrick Harris, since they’re made to fit him, anyway? Perhaps we’ll never know.

The How I Met Your Mother series finale airs on Monday, March 31. Do you think the blue French horn will make a final appearance?

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